Chapter 35: The one with the kidnapping.

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Emily's P.O.V

It was a very tiring day. I was walking towards my car. I wanted to go home and just cuddle with my bed! But I could here some faint noises coming from back. When I turned no one was there. So I ignored it and started walking. And out of no where cloth was placed on my mouth having some sort of chemical. I tried to remove that guys hand but my efforts went in vain. And soon I was surrounded by darkness......

After I dont know how many hours or day I woke up.

I was kept in dark room. Walls, curtains everything was grey in colour. Where the fuck am I? Who was the guy?

Just then door opened of the room. Oh my god why is he here? He was the one who kidnapped me? Holy shit!!

"Why did you kidnap me?" I hissed.

"Silence. I will answer when I have to answer." Ryan said.

Why was Ryan here? What would he do to me? Oh god. Chris save me please.

"Wanna meet someone?"

I didnt say anything. He grabbed my arm forcefully and we were soon in some drawing room.

"Sit here you slut." He shoved me down.

And a girl came with her hands tied at the back. Oh my holy shit. My eyes widened seeing the girl.

"Sophia" I wispered.

"Emily." She came running towards me. I hugged her tightly.

"Hey dont cry. Since when have you been here?"

"Maybe 3-4 hours." She was sobbing.

"Why the fuck have you kidnapped us?" I yelled at Ryan.

"Well fiesty girl I have kidnapped Sopfia for having some fun. And we have kidnapped you for....."

"Having fun with me." Liam came in the room.


"Look you are not getting what you guys want. It would be better if you surrneder yourselves."

"Baby, please lets have some fun." Liam was so close to me. Our lips were almost touching. I felt so fucking disgusted.

Instinctively I spitted on him. Ofcourse he was angry after that.

"You whore!!" He slapped me across the face.

"Emily." Sophia yelled.

"I am okay. " I said to her.

"You whore why dont we play a game?"


Chris's P.O.V

I was leaving office when I realized I havent called Emily in whole day. I called her. No response. I called her again. No response. I will call her again once I reach home.

I reached home in 25 minites. Maid opened the door.

"Where is Soph?" I asked her.

"Mam has not returned from college."

"What?! You tell me now?"

"I thought....."

"You thought. You are fired Ms. Conner."

"Sir there was a note on the door for you."

She handed me the note. There was a number to be called. Note read, "Call on this to know about your beloved sister."

I quickly called the number. It was picked up in one ring..


"Christopher Knight. How are you?"

"Who the hell are you? And where is my sister?"

"Calm down bro. Not only your sister, we have got your love of the life too."

I was fucking shocked. I completely forgot about Em. Oh my god!

"Who the fuck are you?"

Voice seemed familiar but I couldnt recognize it. Damn it.

"If you wanna know who am I, come to Ariel Plaza. There our guy will take you to us."

"Okay. But if you hurt Sophia or Emily you are gonna get killed."

"You come here alone. You get that?"

"Fine. Just dont hurt them."

He hung up. I quickly called Adam and told him what to do.

I raced my car towards Ariel plaza. God please keep Soph and Em safe.

Once I reached there, a guy was already waiting for me. He handcuffed me and we went somewhere in the dark. I couldnt see anything as I was blindfolded.

We reached a door, he removed my blind fold. The door opened and we entered. There was no object in the room. It was all empty. The guy left me there.

Then Emily and Sophia came in the room. They were both handuffed. They were both crying.

"Chris!" They said in unison.

"Soph Em I am here I wont let you anything happen."

They both nodded. I couldnt hug them as I was handcuffed.

"Oh lover boy, you are here!"
Liam entered.

Bloody asshole. He was behind all this. Then why Soph? What has she done?

"You bastard. How dare you kidnap Em and Soph?"

"If I were you, I would stop." He said.

"You fucking bastard." I yelled.

"Stop Mr. Knight. Just stop!" Ryan entered.

Holy crap! Ryan...


"Yes me Mr. Knight. Remember me the guy who you beat in Australia.."

"You deserved much more beating you bastard."

"Okay enough." Liam shouted.

"Lets play a game."

"I will teach you how to play a game once you remove these handcuff." I gritted my teeth.

"Calm down lover boy. Hear my game for once. We will give you freedom to choose whether you want to take Emily or Sophia home. Either of one goes with you. Another one I will have lots of fun with her." Liam said and started laughing.

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