Chapter 19: the one where Lexi meets Chris

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Chris P.O.V

Next morning I was the first one to wake up. Emily sleeping beside me, my one hand wrapped around her waist and other hand was holding hers. She was resting her head on my chest. This was pure bliss. I felt so happy waking up to see us like this.

Last night, she told me everything about that bastard. I cant say his name because he doesnt deserve that. He deserve to be in jail right now, but he isnt. But I'm going make that happen soon. He has hurt Emily so bad. She cried so much because of him. She even didnt believe in love but I hope now she does because I am going to tell her that I love her very soon.

Just then, my angel woke up. She stirred a bit but once she saw me looking at her, she smiled.

"Good morning, angel!" I said while kissing her forehead.

"Good morning, when did you wake up?"

"Little bit earlier."

"Why didnt you wake me up?"

"Then I would miss admiring you while you were asleep. Believe me, you looked beautiful even when you were sleeping." I said truthfully.

"Chris, is this ' Make Emily blush in morning' thing going on?"

"It isnt till now. But if you want it can happen immediately."

"No. Thank you. Come on, I will make us some breakfast." She said.

She got up from the bed and went inside the bathroom. I took that time to call Sophia. I know she would be fuming in and out as I left her a just a single text that I would be staying at Emily's.

"Hey Soph. Good morning." I said cheerfully so as to avoid any lecture from Sophia.

"Good morning my foot. What is with you sending me a text 'Staying at Emily's!!' And when I call, you Mr. Knight dont even have the courtsey to pick up the call!"

"Sophia you do know right that I am your big brother and you are my little sis. God you are yelling at me like you are the bigger one here!"

" Oh really, you are the bigger one here? First act like a older one, then say it."

"Sophia I will be back after breakfast. Since you dont have college today, you can listen what all happened yesterday whole day, got it?"

"I want something else too." She said.

"What do you want madam Sophia?"

"Bring me my favourite Chipotle!!"

"Fine as you say. Bye."

We hung up.

Emily exited the bathroom.

"Chris you can freshen up. What do you want for breakfast?"

"Anything is fine by me, but just you asked I would like to have scrambled egg." I smirked at her.

"Ohh scrambled eggs? But we dont have eggs right now. What else do you want?" She said.

"Well, I would love...." I kept walking at her, when I came closer to her I crashed my lips on hers. She gladly responded. It started with a little rough kiss, but slowly it turned into a passionate, slow kiss.

"I am done. I dont want any breakfast now!" I said.

"Oh, it was that good?" She asked me with a teasing face.

'' It was the best!!" I said.

Emily blushed and hid her head in my chest. I wrapped my hands around her firmly. Goshh I was never letting this girl go. We stayed like that for some time.

"As much as I would love to be like this but I need to go home now. Sophia must be waiting for me."

"Oh okay. Will meet later then. Tell Sophia hi. Oh wait, let me give some cookies for her. She told me she loves oatmeal cookies, and I made them yesterday only." She said while hurrying up to the kitchen.

"Emily you are so thoughful for my family." I was so impressed.

" Oh come on Chris, she is like my younger sister too. And beside its nothing."

Emily handed me a container full of cookies.


"Sophia is so gonna love them. Can I have a bite?" I asked her. Cookies looked so delicious.

"Last time I checked someone didnt want their breakfast even!" She said.

"Pleasee one cookie?"

"Have it."

I took a bite and omgg it was so yummyyyy. It tasted like heaven.

"Emilyyy. It is so delicious... How do you make those?"

"You liked it. Thankuuu." She grinned.

"I have started to think whether these cookies would be able to make up to Sophia or not?" I acted like I was in a deep thought.

"They will. Because you love your sister so much." She gave him back.

Just then doorbell rang. Emily went to open. It was Lexi. I never had chance to personally meet her.

"Hey Lexii. Wassup girl? " Emily asked.
"Oh Em, I came here to give you invitation to my show which I talked with you about.Btw..." She looked at me amused.

"Hey Lexi!" I waved at her.

"Heyy Mr. Hot shot!  What are you doing here? Oh I remembered you guys had a date yesterday. Omg you spent the night here. Hey, you guys did use protection right? I am too young to be an aunt okay...."

"Lexiiii. Stop. When are you going to get over this habbit of rambling? And for the record, nothing happend, okay?"

I sighed in relief that Emily herself explained. It would be emabarrasing for me to say that to her best friend.

"Oh okay. I got it. Hey Chris I am sorry, you had to hear all my rambling." Lexi said.

"Its alright."

"Well, I have something for you. You and Emily are cordially invited for the Dior show, happening after 3 days where I am going to be the showstopper." Lexi said proudly.

"Oh you are a model. Thats impressive." I said as a matter of fact.

She smiled and nodded.

"Oh lexi, we will be surely there. After all you are gonna be the showstopper."

Emily and Lexi hugged each other. After that Lexi left saying she had to attend the rehearsal for the show.

"I shall leave too now." I said.

"Mmm. Meet soon." She said.

I gave her a peck on lips and left.

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