Chapter 36

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Chris P.O.V

I couldnt think for few minutes. How can I choose between love of my life and my younger sister who I love the most. No no no it cant happen...

"Look, I can give you any amount of money you demand. Just dont do this!"

"Hey you Christopher guy. You choose in 10 minutes. Or else you dont get anyone. Deal."

God please save me. Adam is outside this thing where we are. But he doesnt know about this stupid deal.

Emily's P.O.V.

Jesus Christ! Why.. Chris loves Sophia the most. And he also loves me. Gosh it would be so much difficult for him! But I have to do this for them... So I say something

"Chris listen to me. Take Sophia home."

"Emily!!" He shouted.

"Chris please. She is your little sister. You have to protect her."

"Emily what about you? I promised to protect you too."

"Chris please go away with Sophia."

Sophia was unconscious at the time. So she couldnt argue which is a good thing.

"Emily I am going with you two."

"Nah nah lover boy. Emily or Sophia? Choose."

"Please Chris. Go with Sophia. I beg you." I was crying.

"Em I love you! Just remember that."

"I love you too Chris."

"Oh kay times up. What have you chosen?"

"S-sophia." Said Chris.

"Good decision. You may go and take her." Liam spoke.

"Wish I had you Sophia baby. I would have so fun with you." Ryan said seductively.

Glad Sophia was still unconciouss otherwise she would have to hear what this bastard was saying.

"Shut the fuck up you bastard. You are gonna pay for this!"

That was the time Adam enters with his men. Our men were five and there's were three. You can imagine now who won.

I asked Adam to take Sophia to hospital. I ran over to Emily and unlocked her hands

I hugged her so tightly as if today was the last day on earth. I am never going to lose her. I placed several kisses on her face and lastly our lips met. We both were fighting for dominance. I bit her lower lip and she moaned.

"Chris! I love you so much." She was sobbing.

"I love you too Em. Stop crying my love. Please I can't see you like this."

"Chris I thought you would......" I cut her off. I knew what was gonna say. I didnt want her to think that I would leave her at any point of time.

"Em I love you. I wont ever leave you. Do you get that?"

She nodded a yes.

"Come on, lets leave from here."


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