Chapter 2: the one where they first meet

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Emily's P.O.V

I was getting ready for a meeting. I was going on behalf of my father as he was little sick today.
Dad told me to go instead as I have the required education about business. He said the client is old client of our company. He also said that now his son manages the company. I was quite impressed with his son's qualification. But I thought that he would be typical rude arrogant rich brat.

Finally I reached the company of Mr. Knight. It was big multi storey building with huge campus around. The building screamed wealth!

I entered and went directly towards the reception desk.

"Hi. I am here for the meeting with Mr. Christopher Knight scheduled at 10:00 am. Can you guide me for the same?" I asked the receptionist.

The young lady lifted her head up and smiled politely and said, " yes please. Go to 20th floor, there Mrs. Jones would help you. She is the P.A of Mr. Knight."


"Illeana" she said.

I smiled and nodded.

I went to 20th floor. And as Illeana said Mrs. Jones was waiting for me. She was middle aged lady, wearing black formal pants and dark blue shirt and hair in bun.

We quickly went inside the cabin. As soon as I entered I saw a young man probably of 27 or 28 wearing black pants and white shirt with sleeves folded upto the elbow sitting engrossed in work.

I hate to admit it but he was very handsome. While I was admiring him some sort of noise came and when I looked in the direction of noise it was him. Omg, this is embarrassing.

"Good morning Ms. Collins." He said with little smile.

"Good morning to you too Mr. Knight." I said.

"Please call me Christopher. Mr. Knight is my dad and it sounds little old to me." He said.

"Okay Christopher, shall we start the meeting. I'm sorry dad couldn't come. He is little sick today."

"Thats alright. I hope he gets well soon." Christopher said.

I found it sweet what he said for dad.

Our meeting went on for 2hrs or more. At the end I was satisfied, my points were taken into consideration.

Chris's P.O.V

The moment she entered I knew she would be different. Her bubblegum pantsuit made her look not only confident but a lot more beautiful.

At the end of meeting I was quite impressed with her. She really had good knowledge of corporate world. She was different, different in a beautiful way.

"It was pleasure to do a meeting with you Ms. Collins." I held my hand out for a handshake.

"Emily" She corrected and did handshake.

"Well its almost lunchtime, you could join me for lunch?" I couldn't believe I was making the first move because everytime girls fall at my feet literally.

"I am sorry but I have some personal commitment." she said apologetically.

"Oh thats alright. See you next time then." I said hiding disappointment on my face.


With that she left the office leaving me wondering whether she had to meet her boyfriend or what?


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