Extra Chapter: them and their babies

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Emily's P.O.V.

"Alana! Alana! Where are you?" I said loudly.

"In my bedroom Momma." She answered.

Yes we named our baby girl Alana. :)

"Alana Knight! Why have you not finished your milk?" I asked her sternly.

"I don't like it mommy. Its eeww."She said with a pout.

"Baby, if you don't drink it how will you become strong when your baby brother arrives?"

Yes yes we are having a baby boy. Currently I'm five months pregnant. And Alana will turn 3 next month!

About our family here it goes.....
Both are mom dads are hale and hearty. Anna is now a successful gynaecologist. She is dating a guy from hospital. His name is Ashton. He is very nice. Sophia is a fashion designer and just got married to her boyfriend John. They are really cute together. Chris being a overprotective brother gave her a hard time convincing him for her marriage. But in the end agreed happily. Time really flies!

"I want to be a strong girl momma. So I will drink it." She smiled and drank the milk.

Alana is a carbon copy of Chris. She looks like him, she speaks like him. She has hazel brown eyes. She is a blonde like me. She likes her room very neat and clean. Alana hates when people talk while eating. She is so very logical for a three year old.

"Sweetheart I'm home!" Chris came inside the kitchen.

"Hey how was your day?" I ask him.

"Hectic as usual. How's my baby boy doing?" He rubs my belly.

"Well he seems a good boy." I smiled.

"And how about my princess?" He asked.

"She is handful I must say. But she easily gives in too." I chuckle.

"Oh yeah! Let me meet her. Where is she?"

"In her room." I answered.

Chris's P.O.V

"Bebe, I'm home." I said while I entered Alana's room.

Her room was pink in colour. She loves butterflies so there were many kinds of butterflies  on her walls. It was the best room in the house. After all she is my baby girl!

"Dadda!" She ran towards me and hugged my legs.

"Come on up." I picked her up and twirled her. She giggled at that.

"What were you doing?" I ask her as I sat and placed her on my lap. I see her iPad on.

"I was about to FaceTime my boyfriend Dadda." She said casually but my breath got chocked up.

"Alana did you say boyfriend?"

"Yes daddy." She nodded innocently.

My three year old daughter has a boyfriend! Holy crap!

I picked her up and head downstairs to Emily to know about this supposed boyfriend.

"Emily! Emily!"

"What happened?" She asked.

"Alana got a boyfriend?" I ask her confused.

"What? No! What are you saying?" She chuckled.

"She just said it right now."

"Alana baby, who is your boyfriend?" Emily asked her patiently.

"Momma the boy we met in park. Noah, momma!"

"Baby, he is not your boyfriend. He is your friend."

"Okay momma." She nodded.

"Alana sweetheart, you are too small to have a boyfriend. And you have daddy. You don't need a boy okay?" I ask her.

"Yes dadda." She smiled sweetly. Oh my hearts!

Emily's P.O.V

Next morning I woke up late. Chris is not in bed. Probably he must be making breakfast. He had a holiday today.

As I proceed downstairs, I could hear faint giggles of Alana.

"You look so pretty daddy." She giggled again.

And after seeing Chris I burst in laughter. Oh my god! I shouldn't be laughing.

"Stop now Em, okay?" He asked me little annoyed.

"You look so girly." I said and laughed again.

"What do you expect me to look having two ponytails with pink rubberband?"

Things he does for our daughter!

"Okay you look manly." I laughed.

Alana hurried towards her room for her toys. Chris took the opportunity.

"You are such a tease Mrs Knight." He pulled me by my waist. My hands landed on his chest.

"I learnt from the best." I smirked.

"I love you." Chris said and smiled.

"I love you too." We kissed!

Goodbye friends!

I had a great time writing for you. Hope you had too while reading!

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I hope we meet again with other stories.

Love you friends❤️

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