Chapter 6: the one where Chris meets his best friend

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Chris P.O.V

It was so great talking with Emily. Though I admit that I got a bit shocked and scared at first when she told me her beliefs about love. I realised it was a touchy topic. But after that we were talking freely. Lets see what happens next. Btw I am planning on taking her to the movies this weekend.

I got call from my best friend Adam.

"Hey bro, where are you these days? So busy to even message me?"
He said clearly irritated.

"Its not like that Adam. Mom is troubling me with the marriage thing dude. You know how mom can be adamant about something."

I told him the whole story.

"Oh man I should thank aunty. This time I am with her. Come on Chris, you aren't getting any younger. You should get married. And with all details you gave about Emily, she seems pretty nice girl."

"Shut up Adam. And yes Emily is a nice girl but I want to focus on work. So lets see what happens."

"Okay okay, before focusing on your work could you please grace my house with your presence. Bella is missing you terribly!!" Adam said dramatically.

Adam married Jessica three years ago. They met in club, fell in love and got married. Clichè. They have two year old daughter Bella. She is really so cute. She has successfully wrapped me around her finger. Jessica often scolds me for pampering her too much. But I cant help it.

"Alright. One hour I am free. I will be there in 10." I said hanging up.

I reached Adam's house on time. I rang the doorbell, Jessica opened the door.

"Hey Jessica. How are you?" I asked giving her a side hug.

"I am good Chris. You tell me, no time for your baby girl?" She was refering to Bella. I call her baby girl.

"Come on, you know I always have time for Bella. Btw where is she?"

Adam came downstairs with Bella in his arms. He gave Bella to me.

"Hi baby girl. How are you? You missed your uncle Chris? I missed you  too sweetheart." I cooed to her.

She looked at me and smiled sweetly.

"So Chris, Adam told me you are getting married to Emily!!" Jessica spoke happily.

"Godd, Adam why do you keep assuming things. I just met her once and she seemed pretty nice to me. That doesnt mean i am getting married. Jessica dont take him seriously."

"Oh okay. But we would be really happy for you Chris, if you get married now."

I just nodded at her.

After chit chatting with them, I left for my office.


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