Chapter 23

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Hi guy, hope you all are doing well😘❤️. Here's another chapter for you

~Xavior's POV

"Absolutely not!" I slam my hands on my office desk looking between Nate, my head of security, and Kyle. Kyle raises his hands to try and calm me down. "Listen man, the plan is going to work, Jackson is not a fool. You're either going to have to go all in or nothing"

I sit back in my leather seat, blowing out a agitated sigh. "Okay.. okay, we will go ahead with the plans, but I want spies everywhere and if this plan goes south, your head will be placed in my cabinet as a trophy." I point to the glass cabinet without breaking eye contact with Kyle. He nods nervously.

I dismiss them as I have to get ready for the ball tonight and make sure to apologize to Victoria.

This deep unsettling feeling hasn't left me since this morning, it must have been the lack of sleep since Victoria was absent from my side.

I walk into my room to find tonight's attire hanging lazily on my closet door. I walk in, taking out my work out clothes as I need to release some tension and blow off some steam in the gym.

But before I head to the gym, I check my phone for any miss calls or texts from Victoria, but find none. I dail her number to check up on her, but it goes to voice mail. I sigh in disappointment as I really wanted to hear her sweet honey-like voice to help ease the dull pain in my chest.

Never have I imagined that a girl would have such a drastic effect on the way I do things, having express my feelings towards her was something I would have never done in a million years.

I just hope she's okay and that she'll forgive me, I think to myself as I make my way to the gym. I play some loud music to help distract me from the upcoming events that's about to take place.

~Victoria's POV

I grumble annoyingly as I hear Jessica trying to wake me up from my sleep. "Hey hey, wake up Vee, we need to get ready for tonight" I groan and check the time on my phone

"Jess... It's seven in the morning... seven in the morning" I say with a raspy voice struggling to keep my eyes open.

I hear Jess move around the room and all of a sudden I am greeted by a tremendous amount of sunlight. I hiss and cover my eyes immediately trying to block out the harsh rays.

"Jess please, let me rest" I groan, covering head with my soft blanket. A few seconds later, the blankets are ripped off me. I sit up aggressively, clearly annoyed. "Fine, I'm up!"

I get up, waking to the bathroom, passing by a smirking Jess. I push her slightly causing her to break out in a fit of laughter. I lightly laugh as her laugh is unbelievably contagious.

I make my way to the bathroom with Jess following close behind. Jess shuts the door and starts filling the bath tub with water. This has become a norm, where we would randomly bath together as if we were little kids.

After we have taken off our clothes, we both climb in the amazingly hot water which releases the tention off my muscles.

We begin catching up on what has been happening in our lives. Jess explains how she might go insane as Marco, her brother, is the literal opposite of Jess. The room is filled with laughter as we begin to reminisce on the past.

We finish our necessities and get out of the tub since time was running out and the workers from the hair dresser was soon to arrive.

I decide to put on something comfortable and easy to get out of such as a white spaghetti strap top with gray sweats.

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