Chapter 33

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Heyy, here's another chapter for you ❤️

TW ⚠️ (suicide and drug abuse)

~Xavior's POV

This is all so fucked up. I think to myself as I listen to Jessica's father try to explain to his family about the situation on this Joseph kid.

Abigail, Jessica's mother stares at Andrew, Jessica's, father in disbelief as he explains his past that Abigail knew nothing about.

"We were young teens and we didn't know what we were doing. I did a lot of bad things in my life, but letting Joseph go was the worst."

He sits down, taking his fucking time explaining a story that does not concern me. I look over to Jessica to find her deeply interested in what her father has to say. I turn to Kyle and whisper.

"How long is this going to take? The more time we waste, the more time we're giving Jackson to do who knows what to Victoria"

He turns to look at me with stern eyes and nods his head. He takes a quick glance at the family and nods his head towards the front door. We both walk quietly with my hands folded in front of my arms.

Kyle speaks first after we are out of earshot. "I know you're worried, but we can't just expect Jessica to leave her parents right after they were held at gun point by a mentally delusional maniac that claims to be their son. Give her time, we don't know what's she's been through."

I unfold my arms and place my hands above my head to try and calm down." That's exactly why we need her to come with us because we don't know what's she's been through." I let out a sigh and rub my face to try to wipe the tiredness away.

"You're right, Kyle. She's been through a lot, she needs time." Kyle nods gratefully and walks back to the living room. I follow and find Jessica standing up and hugging her parents.

Jessica comes up to us with blood shot eyes and an exhausted expression, " I don't want to waste anytime, I want to find Victoria, so let's go. "

Kyle stops her with his hands on her shoulders and looks deeply concerned when he says," No, no. You just got your family back, you need to rest and spend time with them."

Jessica shares a faint smile and shakes her head no." Victoria is also my family and I won't be able to rest knowing she's still in the hands of that monster." Kyle looks to me and back at her.

He sighs in defeat, but smiles."Okay, let's go."

I watch the interaction with interest. "Let's all head to my place. I'll have some guards stick around in case he ends up showing his face here again."

Abigail and Andrew thanks me and wishes the three of us safe travels. We leave the residence and hop into my car. The drive to my house is silent, I look in the rear view mirror to find Jessica sleeping. I ask Kyle, "What do you think happened with this Joseph freak?" As he is about to reply, Jessica wakes up and rubs her eyes.

She moves forward and leans on the back of the passenger seat. "You have a loud voice, Xavior." she says smiling. I apologize and she waves me off. I ask her what happened with Joseph and she begins to explain. "Well, before my father met my mother. He was fooling around with this woman who he use to hang out with. One thing led to another and she ended up pregnant. My dad was ecstatic that he was going to be a father, but the woman was not. The woman was bipolar and had serious mental problems."

Kyle and I give each other a look through the rear view mirror before I  turn my eyes back to the road and listen further." The pregnancy got too much for her, but my father encouraged her to keep the child. Nine months later, Joseph was born. Unfortunately, two years later, the mother overdosed on drugs and my father was left with nothing. He ended up not having the financial capability to look after his son. He made the hard decision to drop him at the nearest orphanage with nothing but a photo of him and letter stating that he will return. "

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