Chapter 12

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~Xavior's POV
*Moving day (Saturday)

I roll myself over on my side to block out the summer rays that makes its way through the curtains. I slowly open my eyes to see my beauty still fast asleep. How'd I get so lucky? I ask myself as I gaze on her beauty.

Buzz buzz

I look over her and see her phone light up because of a notification that came through. I carefully reach for her phone, making sure that I don't wake her up and get caught trying to snoop around with her stuff.

When I have the phone in my hand, I see the numerous calls and messages from Jessica and a few miss calls from her mother. "Shit" I mutter to myself.

I look back at Victoria to see her still fast asleep. I don't want to wake her up. I gently take her hand and press her thumb on the finger print scanner. When I'm in the phone I send a quick message to her friend and mother.

When that is done, I take the opportunity to put my number in it so that she has easier contact with me. I place her phone back on the dresser and get up so that I can get ready. I get up as slowly as I can so that I don't wake her up

I go over to her side and gently plant a kiss on her forehead. I make my way to the bathroom and turn on the shower. I do what I need to do and in ten minutes I'm out. I go over to the closet and get out a suit. I feel my phone buzz in my hand.

Kyle Knight:
You're needed at the warehouse to sign some papers of the drugs and weapons.

Xavior Clark:

Alright I'm on my way, meet me there.

I reply back to Kyle, I go over to the bed where Victoria is still sound asleep. I write on a note that I'd be at work and that she can do what she wants, but only if she tells me.

I walk out of the room and head to the kitchen to get my breakfast and then off to the warehouse. I notice that my brother David is no where to be found. I text him saying that I'd be at the main ware house and he needs to meet me there

Within a few minutes I receive a text. I see that it's David

David Clark:

Ok, sto arrivando, ti spiego perché non sono in casa quando ti vedo. (Okay, I'm coming, I'll explain why I'm not home when I see you)

I lock my phone and eat the rest of my breakfast. I head to the car and I greet Jerry. "Good morning Jerry, I need to go to the main warehouse" I tell him while he opens the door for me I get inside and shut the door.

While we driving, I go into my gallery and look at the pictures that I secretly took of Victoria while she was asleep. If she could see me now, she'd probably think I'm a freak.

We get to the warehouse and I step out before Jerry could get the door. I make my way up and I see many people divided into groups organizing the drugs and the weapons that we selling to our allies across the world.

I see Kyle and I make my way over to him. I stand beside him and we both take in the empire that we have built for ourselves. We were young when we met and from that day we have been inseparable. We always strived to be the best that we could be and that's how I ended up leading one of the most strongest mafias in the world.

He joined my group when his brother Jackson killed his wife because he said it was making Kyle soft. It was days after where we found out she was carrying his child. When I heard what happened I sent a message to that gang which ended many of his mens lives, since then, our families have been at war. But he has been quiet since the explosion in the warehouse.

I look to Kyle and see him holding papers. I sign it and we head to the office so that we can discuss our new plans for the recruits. When we in the office we sit on our respective seats.

I speak up first "David is suppose to be here, I wonder where he is" on cue the door opens and in walks David in the clothes he wore last night and a busted lip.

Kyle and I look at him confused and he sits down next to Kyle before speaking up " After I dropped Jessica at her place, I wanted to make my move and get lucky, this bitch punched me so damn hard I swear I couldn't feel my jaw for a second."

I make eye contact with Kyle and we both end up laughing our asses off. Kyle speaks first " How you let a small chick like her slap the shit out of you?" he laughs harder. I laugh so hard that tears start forming in my eyes.

David rolls his eyes. "Ha ha so funny, but fuck, I almost shot her that's how pissed I was." we all calm down from our laughter and David's anger. My laptop lights up indicating that I got a new email.

I check it and see that it's an invitation. I read it out loud.

You are invited to a ball that I will be hosting. You will meet me at the event. This is an opportunity to make new alliances and to build a stronger mafia.

We are located in Miami but we decided to host it in New York finest hotel, since there are more powerful groups there

Only specific group leaders are invited since it's safer to start of small. We are called the vipers and a new upcoming mafia.

Invites only, I've attached four invited for you and three other people to attend. Please print out and don't forget it when you come through.

Date: 25 July

Attire: formal

Time: 17:00

I read out loud to Kyle and David. When I scroll lower and see where the event is being held at. It's at a hotel.

"Which hotel is the event taking place in?" I hear David say. I reply "It's held in, uhm." I scroll further down to see which hotel " It's the Nova Hotel on 25th Avenue (A/N:I made it up)." They nod

"Don't you think it's a bit suspicious that an anonymous invite came to you asking you to go to a party of a uprising mafia? There's too much holes in the story." Kyle says. I consider his idea.

"I want Ted from the tech lab to check out this invite and trace back the exact location so that we can see whether this is true or not." I say

"But we should still go, if it's true, then we at least have more allies to take down the knights ones and for all"

I see the four invites and ask David if he wants to attend. He shakes his head no " Sorry man, I can't make it, I'm busy that whole week in Italy" I nod in understanding and turn to Kyle.

He nods his head yes before speaking "Yeah man I'll come, but then who's the other two for?". He asks. "Why don't I take Victoria and you take her friend?" he looks deep in thought and considers the idea.

Kyle and David leaves with my laptop to take it to the tech group. I use this opportunity to finish my work and fill out more paperwork.

I look over the recruits portfolio and read through them. When I'm done I get up to head home to my beautiful Victoria. I stop at the flower shop to get her some roses. I hope she likes them.

I can't believe I'm doing this for a girl I don't even know. I tell myself, but I get it nevertheless and head home.

When I open the door to my house, I call out to Victoria. When there is no response I call out again and again. But still, no answer

I find Helga in the kitchen cleaning and ask her where's Victoria. " Sir she is out with your sister, Jessica and Miss Emily." I check my phone to see if I accidentally missed a message or a call, but nothing

Didn't I fucken tell her to tell me where she is! My fury gets the best of me and I head to the gym to blow off some steam.

That girl better be prepared for what's coming when she gets home.

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