Chapter 13

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~Victoria's POV

I wake up to some loud trucks outside. I stretch my arms and yawn. I look beside me and see that Xavior is not in bed with me. I look for my phone and find it on the dresser next to the bed, it's already noon, jeez I must have been really tired.

I see next to where my phone was, a note was plastered to the dresser.

Had to go to work, you can do whatever you want today, but only if you tell me. I texted your mother and Jessica to come over to spend the day with you. I'll be back in a couple of hours


I look over to the window and see the moving trucks as well as Jessica pulling up behind. I rush downstairs to go greet her as well as my mother.

I jump down the stairs and open the door for them. They look around in awe when they see the interior of the house. They walk in and we head to the living room.

My mother is the first to speak up. "Wow this place is absolutely gorgeous, I'm jealous" she ends off chuckling.

Helga, that I've come to know, comes in with trays of breakfast for us. I get up quickly to help her. " Thank you dear, but I can manage" she says while walking past me.

She places the food down on the table and walks out again. After a few minutes of chatting Jessica and my mother looks behind me. I turn around to see the same girl from last night, Xavior's sister.

She greets us shyly. I politely ask her to join us so that she doesn't feel left out or alone. She happily agrees and goes to my mother.

"Hi there, my name is Alice, I'm Xavior's baby sister" she greets my mother by shaking her hand. My mother takes it and greets her back.

"Well hello there dear, my name is Emily and I'm Victoria's mother and this is Jessica, Victoria's best friend

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"Well hello there dear, my name is Emily and I'm Victoria's mother and this is Jessica, Victoria's best friend. You have the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. " my mother compliments

"Oh thank you Emily, but these are unfortunately contact lenses. I have brown eyes, I get it from my father." she explains we all nod in understanding.

After they are done greeting, Alice sits on the couch with me and we all engage in a conversation. A few minutes into the conversation Alice suggests an idea. "How about we go to the mall for lunch and shopping?"

My mother and Jessica squeals at the idea and I can't help but laugh at their childish behavior. Everyone agrees and I get up first before speaking. "Okay I'm going to get ready and I'll meet you guys down here in about 20 minutes."

They all nod and Alice offers to give them a tour of the house while they wait for me. I rush upstairs to get ready. When I'm in my room, I head straight for the bathroom. There I do all my necessary duties.

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