Chapter 30

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Hi guys, super super sorry for all the slow updates. School is certainly no joke 💀 but any ways, here is another chapter for you

~Victoria's POV

My heart is pounding, I feel like throwing up. I slowly walk into the room, hearing the door shut behind me. I struggle to take steps as my legs are shaking violently. I have never been this scared for my life, I just pray that I make it out in one piece.

I try to distract myself by watching the home videos playing on the big screen. I hear Jackson's voice call out to me. "Find a seat, Victoria." I stop and turn around to find Jackson just a few steps away from me. His intense green eyes makes it hard for me to focus. His tall frame and broad shoulders makes him look intimadating.

I seem to be near the middle row, but I walk to the front row so if anything happens, I will have enough space to move. I sit down in the middle seat after I've reached the front row.

Jackson moves in front of me and sits down next to me to my left. I intertwine my fingers to stop them from shaking. I look forward, avoiding Jackson's stare on me. I take in deep breaths to help calm me down.

All of a sudden I feel a gentle hand covering both of my small ones. I gasp and freeze when I realize the hand belongs to Jackson. "W-what are you d-doing?" I ask nervously looking at his hand on mine.

I turn to look at him to find him watching the home videos. "Don't be so scared, my intention is not to harm you. I just want a little chat." Jackson says, removing his hand.

He points to the screen and says "Watch." I turn to the screen and begin to watch whatever is playing. Again, the same beautiful woman can be seen enjoying the bright summer sun. All that can be heard is her angelic voice speaking to someone.

"Jackson! Jackson! Put the camera down and enjoy this moment with me."

The camera moves a bit and Jackson appears with the biggest smile I've ever seen on him. His youthful expressions are so radiant and child like that I almost catch myself smiling at the moment.

He adjusts the camera on a surface and when he's sure that everything is stable, he rushes over to the beautiful woman. Her giggles are so contagious as she runs away from Jackson. Soon he catches her and spins her around.

I look towards Jackson to find his eye fixed on the screen with absolutely no emotion, I turn back when I hear more voices.

"Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you..." I hear Jackson's voice singing as he is walking over to the sleeping woman in his bed.

She groans and turns around to find Jackson singing to her. She looks shocked and covers her face with the blanket.

" Jackson! I look horrible right now! Get that camera away from me." she says playfully annoyed followed with a fit of giggles.

Jackson sets the camera on the dresser next to the bed and climbs under the sheet. Screams and laughter fills the room as the chaos on the video begins. Jackson continues his tickling assaults while the beautiful Jane Doe laughs her contagious laugh.

"I'm deeply in love with you, Jackson."

The end up sharing a deep kiss and I look down, feeling a bit awkward.

I turn to Jackson after he paused the video of the next clip. "Why are you showing me this?" I ask. He turns his head and rests it on the back of the chair, staring deep into my soul.

"Do you know why I want to be at the top?" he asks analysing me. I shrug my shoulders unable to answer with him staring at me. His eyes glitters underneath his long curly eyelashes due to the light from the screen.

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