Chapter 29

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Hi guys. Here's another chapter for you. I hope you enjoy❤️

~Victoria's POV

My head pounds horribly as my eyes flutter open. I am greeted by a rusty old cell with decaying walls and the stench of death lingering in every corner. I bring my hand up to try and stop the horrendous heading that does not want to calm down. I feel chains clash against my skin and I see that I am chained to the wall.

I try not to panic as the memories of the last time I was conscious starts flooding my mind. I hear movement and groaning and I turn to the far corner. There I see Jessica waking up, she looks alarmed and starts panicking.

I call out to her to calm her down. "Jess, Jess. It's okay, I'm here." she makes eye contact with me. Her eyes are filled with terror and panic. "Victoria, w-what is happening?" she asks on the verge of crying.

Before I can comfort her, a door opens, illuminating light into the cell. About four men walks in and opens the cell. All their faces are neutral and carries no emotions making it hard for me to read what they are thinking.

A man with a devilish aura kneels before me. I turn my head to not make eye contact, but surprisingly he gently brings my face back to his. "Hi there, Victoria. I'm Jackson, Jackson Knight." I chill runs downs my spine. Fear immediately radiates through my body when the reality hits me that this man wants me dead.

I try not to show any emotions so that he does not think I am scared of him. He sniffs the air and scrunches his nose up in disgust. "My goodness, the smell of this place is absolutely mortifying." He finishes off by getting up. He walks to his guard and whispers something in his ear.

The guard nods his head and Jackson walks out. Jessica and I makes eye contact with each other as the rest of the guards starts leaving. I turn to Jessica and reassure her. "Jess, it's okay. Xavior is going to find us and will rescue us."

Jessica doesn't believe me, but nods hear head yes and looks around the room. A few minutes later, three maids walk in with needles. I try to move away, but is no use as the chains limits my movements. I hear Jessica shouting her protest and pushing and kicking away the maids.

But she gets held down and the young maid injects her. I shout for them to stop, but it all my efforts are useless. I see her becoming unconscious and the two maids turning their body to inject me next. I fight with all the energy I have left, trying to be strong for Jessica.

I get pulled viciously and I feel one of the maids restrict my arms. A sharp sting pierces my skin and soon I'm feeling myself drowning in tiredness.


I begin to wake up, but instead of feeling a cold floor and a horrible stench invade my nose, I am greeted with warm and soft bedding beneath me.

I lift my self up and scan the room. It's a beautifully lay-out that screams wealth. The view of a never ending forest can be seen outside the enormous window. The sun seems to be setting, shining a orange hue in the room.

I get up and walk around the cream colored room.

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