Chapter 35

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Hi there, here's another chapter for you ❤️

~Jessica's POV

I wake up, expecting to see the same room I've been in, in what felt like months, but I don't. I stretch out, feeling my bones crack in the process.

Guilt and worry spreads through me as I think about Victoria and how she is still in the hands of that Jackson bitch.

I try to look for my phone, but realize that I left it at my parents home. I get up with struggle as a wave of dizziness consumes me. I sit there for a moment with my eyes shut to try and keep my head from spinning. I take a deep breath and try to get up.

A knock from the door gets my attention and I muster a soft "come in". Kyle slowly walks in and closes the door behind him. "Hey Jess, I wanted to see if you're awake. How are you feeling?"

I give him a small smile for his effort and muster up an exhausted "I could be better. I'm just a little light headed."

He gives me a sympathetic smile and walks over to me. I get up using all my strength and stand face to chest with him. I look up to see him leaning down to wrap his arms around me. His body feels like a burning blaze on a winters night. His arms cage me in, holding me steady from falling back down.

I inhale his masculine scent and savour this moment of peace and tranquility. He pulls back, but still holding on to me and looks so deep into my eyes  I feel as if he is looking at my soul. He whispers so gently, "I was so worried about you, I'm glad you're back."

He places a gentle kiss on my forehead and my heart flutters in response. I look at him with a sense of courage, indicating that I am ready to help find Victoria. Kyle gently pushes me to the bathroom and says," Xavior and I will wait for you in the office."

I nod and head into the bathroom to freshen up. I look into the mirror and my confidence deflate as I stare at the ghost in the mirror. I cringe at the thought of Kyle seeing me like this.

I quickly freshen up and make myself appear more presentable even though I feel heavy and numb. After getting direction in the massive house, I finally make it to the office.

I knock twice and peep my head through the door. Xavior motions with his hand for me to come in and I do. I close the door behind me and I take a seat next to Kyle who is typing away on his phone.

I try to swallow the pang of annoyance as he does not acknowledge my presence. I look to Xavior who looks like a zombie. Pity fills my heart as I see the absolute emptiness in his eyes. I quickly say that Victoria is okay and that we were not tortured.

He seems conflicted at first, but shows brief flashes of relief. His tense body relaxes slightly into his arm chair. I get straight to the point and start explaining everything I can. "It was horrible at first. We woke up in a dark dungeon or cell, I don't know." I begin to picture everything that has happened and explain it.

"But he was also kind, especially with Victoria. It almost looked like he was fascinated by her or knew something about her that she didn't and it interested him." I look between Xavior and Kyle to see if they were understanding what I was saying.

Kyle looks over to Xavior and I do the same. A look of anger takes over, but there's a slight hint of fear. I continue my story until it is time to formulate a plan. However, Xavior looks defeated and asks us to leave.

Kyle and I makes eye contact and gets up. We walk to the door and leave Xavior to himself. I walk out deep in thought, but an arm catches my attention.

I turn back to see Kyle holding my arm with a shy smile plastered to his face. "I want to show you something, if you don't mind?" he asks releasing my arm.

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