Chapter 31

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~Victoria's POV

Time seems to have stopped, my heart is beating an abnormal beat and I can't seem to focus on the man in front of me.

"What..." says my shaky voice. The word just came out of my mouth, I don't even know where it came from.

Jackson turns back to the paused screen and says nothing. His face carries no emotion and we just sit there in the most uncomfortable silence.

"Go to bed, it's late." Jackson says without looking at me. I take that as a que to leave and I get up without saying anything.

I exit the cinema and return to my room. The clock on my nightstand reads 02:45. As I lay in between the comfort of the bed, sleep makes no effort to join me.

Hours past and I see the sun start to rise. Finally I am greeted with sleep, but soon to be interrupted by a blood curdling scream.

~Jessica's POV

What did I get myself into? I think to myself as I listen to the birds chirp freely outside.

My worry for Victoria has long passed since I know she is capable of managing on her own, but me? I've never had training, I've never had a mafia boyfriend to teach me how to defend myself.

The door knob to the bedroom door turns and I sit up in anticipation, waiting for my doom, but instead, a thin emotionless woman enters. Her hair is dirty blonde that is tied up into a sleek bun. Her eyes are hazel brown, her skin so pale, it makes her look ghostly.

"Madam, Sir Joseph has requested to see you." she says in a monotone voice. I hesitate, it was Joe that did this to me. Who knows what else he is capable of.

The maid notices my hesitation and urges me to come, otherwise she'll have to call in reinforcements and that was the last thing I wanted.

I get up, wearing only my shirt and underwear, silently begging for the maid to give me some privacy, but she doesn't get the hint and watches me with sharp eyes.

I slip on my jeans and walk towards her, she exits the room and I follow through the enormous house. Although the house is marvelous, I cannot shake off the anxiety latched onto my back.

The maid stops and points to the door in front of her. I knock three times and enter after hearing a low rough voice telling me to enter.

The room resembles more of a mini library with countless stacks of books neatly lined up.

The door shuts hard behind me and I jump a little. I look around and see a small desk in the corner with a shadow figure seated on it.

I release a shaky breath and walk towards the man. Joe comes to sight and when he sees me, he gives a cold smile. He motions me to sit and I do as I felt that my legs were about to give out at any moment.

"What do you want from me? Who are you?" I ask, trying to hide the fear in my voice. This seems to anger him.
"Don't you know who I am?! I am your brother! Your parents abandoned me, but somehow managed to have two more children who they love and worship!"

"You know how I suffered in foster care! Having to be put in the system while mommy and daddy forgets about me and have two more children! I was tortured! I ran away and lived on the streets for crying out loud because of them! Now they're going to pay, starting with you and ending with Marcus."

By now he is directly in front of me, leaning over my chair. I can feel his anger radiating off him. The veins running down his neck, the flaring of his nostrils gives clear indication that he is out for revenge.

But my brother? The only person I know that is my brother is Marcus. I try not to show my confusion as I don't want to push him over the edge. I try to think of something to get me out of this situation.

"Joey?" I look around trying to act as if I'm trying to remember something.
He pulls back in surprise and looks at me with confusion.

"Joey! You have got this all wrong, mom and dad did not forget you, they cry for you every night." I say trying to muster my best acting skills.

"Mom would always speak about you, her first born and how she regretted putting you in the system." he looks stunned by what I said and I continue.

"Mom and Dad searched high and low for you in the system, but they said you disappeared, they were devastated, and still are, they think you're dead!" I end off, wide eyed for lying like that.

Joe falls to the ground and starts crying. He begins apologizing to no one in particular. My guilt sky rockets, he didn't deserve to be abandoned, he didn't deserve the life he got handed to him.

I slowly get off the seat and move with caution towards him. I place my arm around him and bring him closer to me. He's shocked, but doesn't push me away. "I'm sorry this happened to you..." I say, rubbing his shoulders.

He wipes the tears away from his eyes and turns to me. "I want to see mom and dad to see if you're telling the truth and if you aren't, I'm killing you in front of them." he says with a straight face which sends horrible shivers down my spine

Oh no.

He forces me up by pulling at my arm. He roughly forces me up and drags me out of the library. I try to shout and pull away, but he is much stronger than me.

My tears falls, blurring my vision. I try again and again to call out to Victoria or to anyone to help me, but no one comes.

I get roughly pulled outside to a dark vehicle. My fear sky rockets, shit shit shit. I can't help but cry hysterically as I get forced into the the backseat. I fight with all my might, but it gets me a hard slap to the face.

My cheek stings with a raging burn and I look at Joe through my blurry vision. The man in front of me is not the guy I first met, no this is a demon from hell.

~Amber's POV

My body feels numb. I've been trapped in this room for days, with no one to communicate with, only those zombie maids, but they hardly say anything to me.

Good thing my love for Xavior is much stronger than these sacrifices I'm making. Soon, Victoria will be no more and I'll finally be able to claim what's rightfully mine.

My thoughts are interrupted when I hear the door open up. In walks the same maid with no emotions. "Good morning, Athena. How are you feeling today?" I ask, in hopes to at least make one friend in the lonely place.

"I feel the same as yesterday, and as the day before." she says, with no effort to befriend me. I feel a bit defeated when she hands me my meal.

I hear a scream, a cry out for help in fact, I listen carefully and it sounds as if the person is calling a name." Victoria!! Someone help me please!" the voice disappears, but the fear of the woman's voice is still evident in the air.

"Who is that?" I ask shocked at the fact that there are others, potentially like me, in this hell hole.

"Master's new guest. " Is all she says before trying to exit, but I grab her arm. "Why are you so off with me? Have I done something wrong?" I ask as I'm really in need of a friend.

Her eyes soften and for the first time I see emotion, but it's pain. "I've been here for a long time and I know girls who gets trapped here don't make it out alive. I choose not to be your friend because I wouldn't know what I'd do if I saw another death." she collects her things and leaves, locking the door in the process.

I grab the food and walk over to the barricaded window. I don't even bother to wipe the tears that are forming. I eat what is given to me in the most deafening silence.

Hiii everyone!! I apologize again for being such a sucky updater, but I hope you enjoy this chapter. It's basically giving you an idea of everyone's point of view so that you can understand how it will intertwine later in the book. Unfortunately I'm starting finals soon so I might be M.I.A again but I'll try my best to update as much as I can ❤️❤️ thank you for being so patient with me!!

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