Chapter 7

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~Xavior's POV

I wake up due to the sun rays hitting my eyes. I look down at Victoria's sleeping figure laying comfortably in my arms. I brush a strand of hair that has fallen on her face. I watch her sleep. She looks so peaceful.

(That's the position they're in)

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(That's the position they're in)

I hear her groan. She's waking up, I pretend that I'm waking up myself so that she doesn't suspect that I was watching her.

She pushes herself half way up and sees the position we're in. She blushes and makes a move to get off, but I hold her in place. "Good morning, angel" I tell her in my sleepy voice.

She greets me and tries to wiggle herself out of my arms but I hold her tighter. "Why do you want to leave my arms so quickly?" I ask her

She covers her mouth with her hand and speaks "I need to pee" she says. I look confused at her hand over her mouth. She blushes again before speaking. " Morning breath" is all she says before breaking free and running to the bathroom.

I laugh at her actions and head out of her room to mine to get ready. I do what I need to do, I shower, brush my teeth and put on a crispy new suit. I walk back to her room to find her already dressed in the clothes she wore yesterday and typing away on her phone.

I knock on the door to get her attention. She turns around and looks at me worriedly. I walk over to her and she looks back at her phone.

"What's the matter, mi amore" (my love). She shows me her phone and I see all the miss calls and messages from someone named "Jess❤️".

"Who's Jess?" I ask feeling a bit jealous at the sight of the heart next to its name. "Jessica is my best friend, I live with her." she explains. I relax as I realize it's a girl.

"She's worried sick, she said she contacted my mother, when she found that I was not at the university yesterday. Oh gosh I'm in so much trouble when I get back." she paces back and fourth.

I grab her shoulders to stop her, she looks at me. "We going to meet her and then we going to tell her my version of what happened yesterday"

She scoffs "Yeah like I would ever tell her that I got kidnapped and brought to some strangers mansion who is also the guy I've been looking for, since the time everything went to shit" sarcasm drips from her lips and I see her annoyed expression.

I tell her the story that we going to tell her best friend and mother. I then tell her to type out that we were on our way to meet them at Jessica's house.

We get into my Maserati and drive off to the address. While we're in the car, Victoria speaks up. "Xavior? What do you do for a living?" I freeze at her question. I feel her strong gaze on my face as she waits for an answer.

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