Chapter 40

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Hey guys, I'm so sorry for being a shitty updater. I just had to take a break for my mental health. But I'm going to try and finish the book. Thank you for the kind words and the excellent criticism. Without further ado, here's another chapter for you ❤️

~Victoria's POV

I feel myself waking up, but instead of being in a car, I'm on a bed. For a second I think I am back at Jackson's house. I sit up quickly looking at my surroundings. Xavior, who was sitting on a chair in the corner rushes to me and comforts me.

"Hey hey, it's okay, you're safe. You're back with me" Xavior says in the most gentle, heaven sent voice. I reach up and run my hand across his cheek, feeling his beard tickle my palm. Xavior is Kneeling down beside me and looks so worried. I whisper so softly as my voice is hurting from all the screaming of yesterday. "I missed you so much, more than you can ever know...". He softly smiles, takes my hand into his own and starts placing gentle kisses on my hand.

I lay back down, Xavior never taking his eyes off me as if I'm going to disappear again. The look of concern does not fade away and I scrunch my brows." Xavior, I'm right here... You don't have to worry, just enjoy this beautiful moment with me, please." He sighs, but not of relief. He gets up and walks into the bathroom and shuts the door.

I stare at the closed bathroom door wondering if this is how things are going to be from now on. I get up after waiting and knock on the door." Hey Xavior, can I come in?" I wait for his reply and look up when the door opens.

He looks so defeated, so tired. I walk in and he shuts the door behind me. "Do you want me to run you a bath? That's the least I can do", Xavior comments, looking so guilty. I hug him knowing that he needs it. He takes me under his arms and hold me so tight against his chest.

He rubs my back, making me so calm. I look up to him while still in his arms and say, "Xavior I'm right here, in your arms where I belong, don't worry." He nods and tries to give me a reassuring smile to which I return it with a gentle one.

I lay a soft gentle kiss on his lips, melting more into his arms. He pulls back and kisses me on my forehead. We let each other go and I run the faucet. I look back to Xavior splashing water on his face.

I remove my clothes and get into the warm bliss of the tub. I look to Xavior, waiting for him to join me, but he does not, he sits on the lid of the toilet instead.

I looked at him perplexed and asks what's on his mind. "Did anything happen between you and Jackson, and don't lie to me, I just need the truth." My heart does a jump as I think back to the moment in his cinema.

"No, nothing happened. I swear on my life." Xavior turns to me. Probably looking for a lie. "There was a moment and I was caught off guard, but I stopped it before he could even do anything." Xavior nods and caresses my face. "I believe you." He says and it just brought so much joy to my heart.

"So are you going to join me now?" I ask with a hint of playfulness in my tone. Xavior looks horrified and says the most unexpected thing "No, I don't want you to see me soft." I roll my eyes at his ridiculous comment and give him a are you kidding me look, he chuckles and gets up.

"I have some things to sort out, but get done. I want to speak to you afterwards." he bends down to kiss me and exists the bathroom. I hear him leaving the room leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I cleanse myself from all that has occurred and get out. After finishing everything I needed to do, I walk around the house to look for Xavior.

I greet the workers as I pass them by. I ask one of the maids if they have seen Xavior and the lady informs me that he is in his study.

I make my way to his study and let myself in. Xavior has changed from his clothes into something more casual, I smile and make my way over to him.

He embraces me in his arms and I smile up to him, he returns the smile and slowly lowers his head. The world stops for a moment as he closes in for the most softest kiss. He brings me even closer to his body, his body heat transfers to me and I feel so at home.

We break apart and he sits me down.  He smiles but it doesn't reach his eyes. He begins to look away and I cup his face and turn it back towards me. He looks at me with sadness and I'm confused. "Hey, what's the matter? Why do you seem so down?" I ask him as it hurts to see him like this.

He grabs my hands and starts kissing it, he then lowers it down to his lap and looks at me. "Victoria... I think you'd be better off without me." I remove my hands from his so quickly as if his hands burnt mine.

"W-what do you mean? Why you saying this?" I ask utterly shocked. My heart is pounding so hard in my chest I can hear it. "Victoria...", he says with a distant tone.

I get up and pace around the room. "Why..." I say with so much anguish in my tone and pain in my heart. The tears start to sting my eyes and I wipe it furiously away. Xavior gets up and walks over to me. "Don't!" I yell at him, making him stop in his tracks.

"Victoria, I'm doing this for you. I'm trying to protect you. Look at happened on my watch! " Xavior admits while running his fingers through his hair out of frustration.

"Xavior, you cannot blame yourself for what someone else did... It's not fair." I feel myself calming down. I wrap my arms around my body since the office was a bit cool.

Xavior notices and takes of his jersey and hands it over to me. I slowly take it and put it on. He's warmth still lingers and I instantly feel at home.

Xavior looks conflicted and I try to reason with him before he says something he might regret. "Xavior, I'd go through hell and back for you..."

He's response catches me off guard. "Thats not what I want. I don't want you to go through hell, I want you to be safe without having to constantly be on the lookout for a my enemies. You don't deserve that, you don't need all this crime and violence in your life." I'm completely taken aback and I don't know what to say.

He continues and I feel my world slowly starts to shatter around me."Your stuff is packed, you leave tomorrow." I can't believe what im hearing. Xavior's demeanor changes and he becomes cold. "You should get going, get some rest. I want you out early tomorrow morning." That gentle, warm, loving Xavior from a few minutes ago is now gone, and is replaced with this mean person. I allow the tears to roll down my face, but Xavior turns and walks to his desk.

I slowly turn around and make my way to the exit. After I get to my room, I burst into tears and cry my heart out. The news is unbearable and I feel my heart breaking into pieces. I struggle to breathe, realizing that this is my new reality. A life without Xavior.

I climb into bed, and silently cry till it's time to leave. The morning came sooner than expected and before I knew it, I was standing in front of a black car. Xavior didn't bother saying goodbye. In fact I haven't seen him all morning.

I look through Xavior's office window and I see him standing there watching me. I look at him one last time before getting into the car and driving off, without haven't said goodbye to the one who felt like home.

~ Xavior's POV

I sit on the couch with my hands in my head, I can't believe I did that to her... A ring from my office phone breaks me out of my thoughts. I drag myself over to my desk and pick up the phone.

The image of Victoria's face as she left will haunt me till the day I die. I answer "Hello?" I ask. The voice on the other line replies. "Is it done?" I know immediately what the caller on the other line means. "Yes it is, she just left."

And amusing laugh comes from the other line and I try to keep my cool. Before I could give a piece of my mind, the caller speaks again. "Pleasure doing business with you, partner."

I reply with venom in my voice. "You won't get away with this, Jackson."

"I already have."


I think I'm going to end the book like that. Of course there's going to be a part 2, however I still need to figure out what's book 2 going to be about. Hope you enjoyed this ending and hope it left you wondering what is going to happen next.

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