Chapter 37

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I'm trying to post as often as I can, but life has been humbling me lately😂, but I am trying to finish the book before the end of the year so please bare with me and thank you again for the support. ❤️
But anyways, here's another chapter for you ❤️

~Joseph's POV

I cover my face even more with the hood I'm wearing. I walk through the street that leads to my house and speed walk when I see it come into my view. As I draw closer, I look around to see if there are any of his men lurking around.

I cannot tell Jackson that I messed up with Jessica otherwise he'll definitely kill me. When I see no one in sight or any suspicious behavior, I walk into my house and lock every door and window as well as closing all the curtains.

I remove the hood and start packing my stuff. I need to get out of here. I think back to how that whole family betrayed me. Anger and bloodlust takes control over my body and I end up kicking over my small coffee table.

I panic as I realize that I can't escape Jackson. He has connection everywhere, how will I leave? I ask myself. I feel my anxiety rising, holding me, choking me. I struggle to breathe as the panic and anxiety is all I can think about.

My chest feels like it's going into over drive and it starts burning up. My eyes starts stinging from the tears building up and I go into the corner of the room and put my head in between my knees. I close my eyes and focus on the silence in the room. I then hear birds chirping in the distance and start focusing on that.

I then shift my focus to my breath and take a deep breath, I count to three and release my breath. I continue this process until I know my anxieties has subsided.

I clear my mind and forget about the bigger picture. I start thinking of the smaller steps that will help me in the long run. I open my eyes and smile at the plan that came to mind.

I head to my room which is down the hall from my living room, I enter and begin packing my bags.

I make a mental note to get a burner phone to call my contacts. I know what must be done.

~Victoria's POV

The morning sun and the chirping birds does not put my mind at ease as I look at the clock, 7 a.m. The anxiety in my body does not fade as the time grows closer to 8, what can this surprise be? I get up and dread getting ready to see Jackson.

I go into the bathroom and open the cabinet underneath the sink. I move the towels away and take out the tissue box. I rummage through it and pull out the pendant. However, the it is still blinking red.


I put the pendant back in the box and pray that Jackson doesn't notice that I'm not wearing it. I hop in the shower and get ready for the day.

The closet has a variety of clothes to choose from and I look outside to guess what the weather will be like. Since the sun is shinning brightly, I decide to dress lightly.

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