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Jeongin woke up to his alarm going off making him groan as he reached over to look at the time 6:30. Yawning he sat up before getting out of bed.

Today he had to take Taehyun to school which wasn't to big of a deal. He slowly got out of bed digging through his dressers and pulling out some jeans and a pink hoodie before heading into the bathroom. Taking a quick shower and changing he grabbed his stuff. The Omega headed downstairs grabbing his keys and slipping on his shoes before leaving his apartment and locking the door. It was roughly 7:30 when he left, and headed to the Hwangs house.

The drive was quiet, the only sound being the cars outside along with the hum of the radio.

When he arrived he saw Minho's car in the drive way and pulled up parked before getting out. Still a bit tired he walked up to the doorstep and knocked waiting for an answer. He heard footsteps on the otherside of the door before the door opened revealing Minho who gave a smile.

Jeongin smiled back stepping inside, earning wide eyes from Minho. "Is something wrong?" He asked looking at the older male who blinked and shook his head. "Your scent is just-"

Jeongin's eyes widened as he noticed what the other meant. "I'm so sorry I forgot to take my suppressants I'm so sorry I-" He said, clearly panicked. Minho gave a small laugh and cut him off. "Its fine Jeongin, I just was surprised since you hadn't wore suppressants last time. Besides I'm mated so it's fine." Minho said as he pulled his collar a bit to show off the mating mark on the area between his neck and shoulder.

"Anyways Taehyun is still asleep he's not the easiest to wake. I have to go Hyunjins expecting me. Feel free to leave during the day if you want." Minho said as he headed toward the door. Jeongin nodded and turned his head toward the stairs before making his way up. He walked down the hall before stopping at Taehyuns room.

He gave a small knock before opening the door and entering. The room was lit by the night light and a small lump under the blankets was visible from the door.

Smiling he walked over and took a seat on the bed he turned on the lamp by the bedside before gently shaking the boy awake. "Tae it's time to get ready for school." Jeongin said gently as he rubbed the boy's back. The small boy whined and moved around before slowly opening his eyes squinting as he rubbed them. "Innie?" He asked as he looked up at the other who smiled and nodded.

Sleepily the small boy climbed into the other lap. "Innie smells nice." He mumbled softly as he started to fall asleep. Jeongin gave a small laugh before brushing the boys hair from his face. "You gotta get ready for school." Jeongin said as he looked at Taehyun who pouted but nodded. He slid off of Jeongins lap and waddled over to his dressed and pulled out some clothes before heading into the bathroom to change. Jeongin smiled and headed downstairs to make breakfast before the boy left for school.

Jeongin took a few eggs out along with some sausage before taking out a pan and turning on the stove. He put oil in the pan before cracking an egg watching it drop into the hot pan.

He grabbed a spatula and waited for the egg to finish cooking. Taehyun on the other hand just finished getting ready and was rushing downstairs toward the kitchen. "Good morning." Taehyun said with a big smile as he ran over to Jeongin hugging his leg with a smile. "Good morning Tae." Jeongin said as he placed the egg on a plate before adding another to the pan.

"Are you ready for school?" He asked looking at the boy who smiled and nodded. "Mhm." He said as he sat down at the table, patiently waiting for Jeongin to finish cooking.

"Innie can we go and get more colors today?" Taehyun asked looking over at the omega who smiled. He hadn't forgotten what he promised Taehyun. "After you finish school okay?" He said with a smile as he looked back at the boy who nodded with a grin. He set a plate down in front of Taehyun with an egg and two sausages before sitting down to eat himself. Taehyun finished first of course and then Jeongin who placed the dishes in the sink before walking into the living room where Taehyun was.

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