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"This is a horrible idea." Minho said as he looked at Hyunjin who sighed and placed the papers he was filling out down. "I know, but she won't stop unless she gets to see him, besides I have Mark and Lucas their." He said going back to typing on his computer.

"What about Jeongin?" Minho asked looking at the other who hummed. "What about him?" He asked still typing a reply to an email sent to him. Minho sighed and sat down on the couch in the office giving a bored look to Hyunjin who was ignoring him. "Taehyun sees him as a parental figure, you can see it I'm the way the boy looks at him Hyunjin. Even if your willing to not admit it yourself. You like the Omega to, I can tell."

Hyunjin finally looked away from his computers screen and at the other male. "You know—"

"Yes I know, you don't do Omega's but Jeongin is different you and me both know that. Just give it a chance." Minho said earning a sigh from Hyunjin who looked over at the other.

"How do you court someone?"


Jeongin yawned as he walked down the side walk toward the coffee shop he went to every morning. Hyunjin texted him saying he didnt need to come today, he didnt give a reason, but Jeongin decided not to pry.

Looking up his eyes caught onto a familiar blue jacket, his brows furrowing as the small boy turned around. "Taehyun?" He called making the boy look at him, the small Alpha was in tears and cried out for the Omega as he ran toward him. Jeongin immediately rushed toward the small boy pulling him into his arms while trying to shush him. "Its okay shh, I got you TaeTae." Jeongin said softly as he lifted the boy gently rubbing his back as he cried.

"Dont w-w-wanna, go back w-with the m-m-mean lady." The boy hiccuped as he sobbed into the crook of Jeongin's neck. Checking his hoodie pocket he silently cursed himself for forgetting his phone back at his apartment.

"Its okay Tae, you don't have to go back with her." Jeongin said softly as he brushed the boys tears away. "TaeTae do you have a phone on you?" He asked hoping that Hyunjin gave the boy one for emergencies. Nodding he gestured to his backpack. Jeongin quickly opened the bag and grabbed the device opening it and searching through the contacts. He pressed on Hyunjins, waiting for the older male to pick up. "How about we go inside TaeTae?" He asked looking at the boy who sniffled and nodded.

While he waited for Hyunjin to pick up they headed into the cafe sitting down at a booth.


"Its Jeongin, I ran into Taehyun near the shortcake cafe." Jeongin said softly waiting for a reply on the other line. "Fuck I'll be right there." Hyunjin said earning a small okay from Jeongin hanging up he sighed and placed the phone down, looking at Taehyun who was wiping away his tears.

"What happened baby?" He asked softly looking at the boy who's lip trembled as he looked at Jeongin. "I- I was with Seoyeon-ssi and she was being mean to TaeTae saying that I was a mistake and that she should deserves to get money from Appa. She said she would take me away." He cried harder.

After more minutes of trying to calm the sobbing boy and earning looks from other customers, a concerned Hyunjin rushed into the cafe looking for his son. Jeongin stood up picking up Taehyun since the boy had been crying in his lap. "Hyunjin-ssi." He called earning the attention of the other who's eyes widened in worry as he rushed over. "Tae baby, are you okay." The Alpha asked as he brushed back his Sons bangs looking at the boy who sniffled. "M'okay Appa." Taehyun said as rested his head against Jeongin's shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Tae." Hyunjin apologized again as he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

His eyes locked with Jeongin and he gave him a smile. "Thank you, I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't been here." He said with a distressed look earning a comforting smile from the Omega.

"Tae baby, let's get going hm?" Hyunjin said sweetly earning a shake from Taehyun who clung to Jeongin with watery eyes. "Dont wanna leave Innie." He whimpered out, his voice soft as he was on the verge of tears again. "Okay you don't have to." He assured looking at the boy who sniffled and nodded. Jeongin ended up going with Hyunjin, Taehyun sitting next to him as they headed back to the house.

He ended up on the couch with the small boy in his lap as they watched Pororo. Hyunjin was taking on the phone with Minho glancing over at Taehyun every few seconds.

Hanging up the call he sighed and set his phone down frustrated. Seoyeon was not going to be able to see Taehyun again, he would make sure of that. Minho was already working on getting charges pressed against her. "You alright?" Jeongin asked softly as he looked at Hyunjin who gave slight nod. Though he could tell the Alpha was stressed he didn't push it and turned back to watch the cartoon.

After a few more episodes of Pororo, Taehyun fell asleep in Jeongins lap. The white haired male gently stroking the boys ravenette locks.

"Thank you again." Hyunjin mumbled softly as he looked at the Omega who lifted the boy carefully so he wouldn't wake him. Shaking his head and smiled. "You don't have to thank me." He said with a small laugh. "Besides Taehyun is a good kids, there's nothing I wouldn't do  for him." Jeongin said sweetly as he carried the boy toward the stairs. Running his tounge over his lips Hyunjin walked over grabbing the boys arm and making him turn around.

"I know this isn't the best time, but would you like to get dinner some time?"

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