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"Where here." Hyunjin said as he pulled up to the hotel, parking in front of it. Jeongin blinked yawning as he looked at the large building.

Unbuckling Jeongin opened the door getting out and stretching before opening the rear door and reaching in to unbuckle Taehyun who was asleep. "Should we get are stuff out?" Jeongin asked as he lifted the boy into his arms slightly waking Taehyun who just closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

"We don't have to, they'll take are stuff to are room for us, as well as park the car." Hyunjin said as he got out of the car, Jeongin nodded gently rubbing Taehyun's back as he looked up at the large hotel. "How expensive was this?" He asked turning back to Hyunjin who shrugged greeting the man who he handed the car keys to. "Couple thousand I think." He said casually walking over and wrapping an arm around Jeongins waist.

Right he was rich. Jeongin reminded himself.

Walking into the hotel Hyunjin headed to the front desk getting their room card before thanking the ladies and leading Jeongin to the elevators. "Mommy Innie are we here?" Taehyun asked sleepily as he rubbed his eyes looking around the elevator with furrowed brows.

"Mhm, where here Tae." He said softly as he smiled at Taehyun who nodded and rested his head on his shoulders. "You can go back to sleep when we get to the room baby." Hyunjin said as he brushed Taehyuns hair from his forehead. "M'kay appa." Hs said with a yawn eyes lidded as he inhaled Jeongins soft lavender and honey scent.

The elevator gave a small ding that the arrived to their floor before the metal doors opened and they stepped out. Hyunjin led them to the room pressing the card to the door before pushing the door open. Jeongin gasped as he stepped inside looking around the large suite. "What's wrong do you not like it, I can get a different one." Hyunjin said worriedly as he looked at the Omega who immediately shook his head.

"N-no I just, never been in a room like this." He said shyly as he looked around. Hyunjin nodded setting down his stuff before walking over to Jeongin and giving him a peck on his forehead. "You can go rest, are stuff should be up in minute." He said with a smile.

Nodding Jeongin walked further into the suite heading into the bedroom and laying Taehyun down on the bed. "Innie lay with me." He whined softly looking at the Omega who smiled and laid down on the bed next to the little Alpha.

"Are we gonna go see your Eomma?" He asked with a yawn. "Tomorrow, baby. We can go to the beach to." Jeongin said as he cuddled with the younger.

"But first you have to go to bed." He said poking the younger boys cheek.

"Tae, you can come get your Pajamas now." Hyunjin said as he walked into the room setting Taehyuns bag and suit case down. Slipping off the bed the little Alpha sleepily got his clothes and headed into the bathroom to change while Hyunjin and Jeongin brought there stuff into the room both of them exhausted and ready for bed. Jeongin was quick to change into a pair of sweats and a hoodie while Hyunjin only had on a pair of basketball shorts, his top half bare.

"Innie, I wanna sleep with you." Taehyun said as he climbed onto the bed laying down next to Jeongin who smiled. "Okay Tae." He said as the small Alpha cuddled up agaisnt him. Hyunjin chuckled wrapping his arms around Jeongin a smile on his face at seeing the two snuggled up with each other.

It wasn't long until they fell asleep that night.


Jeongin woke up early slipping out of bed and heading to the small kitchen and making him some tea.

"You should go back to sleep." Hyunjin mumbled as he walked into the room wrapping his arms around Jeongin in search of warmth. "I'm not tired anymore." He said softly leaning back into the Alphas touch. Humming Hyunjin lightly scented the younger. "So we head to lunch at eleven?" He asked earning a nod from Jeongin who took a sip of tea.

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