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"Hwang Taehyun." Mrs. Lee called as she looked over the class. Smiling Taehyun raised his hand waving it around.

"I'm here." He said earning a nod from Mrs. Lee who checked him on the attendance list. Making his way over to the table Taehyun took a seat a smile on his face as he grabbed the box of coloring pencils.

Opening it he pulled out a red color smiling as he started to color the page from his coloring book.

A gasp left him as the pencil was snatched from his hand as well as his coloring book. "Hey!" Taehyun yelled as he looked over to see Minjoon with a cocky smirk on his face. "This is ugly." He snickered as he looked at the coloring page. Turning a bright red Taehyun tried to snatch it back, tears already forming in his eyes.

"Give it back." He yelled as he reached for the paper again. Scoffing Minjoon pulled it away again. "Or what loser." He said as he looked at Taehyun.

"Its not yours." Taehyun exclaimed as he glared at Minjoon.

"And so what?"

Taehyun's temper started to rise, the little Alpha starting to grow impatient as he tried to snatch back his paper.

Finally grasping it he tugged a horrified gasp leaving him as the coloring page ripped into two. Silence filled between the two as Minjoon looked at the paper in his hand before back at Taehyun who was turning teary eyed. "W-wait I'm sorry I didn't mea—"

A cry left the young boy startling Minjoon who quickly looked over at Mrs. Lee who had turned her head.

"Hwang Taehyun, Choi Minjoon to the corner."

Taehyun pouted we he looked down at the paper, the page he had made for baby Han-Jae now ripped.


"Innie we can't go to dinner." Taehyun said as he looked at Jeongin who frowned as he turned back to the little boy sitting in the back seat.

"Why not?" He asked looking back at the road. "Because I don't have anything for Hannie." He mumbled looking down in his lap as he fiddled with his fingers. "Hannie?" Jeongin said as he changed lanes. "Yeah, baby Han-Jae." Taehyun said with a small pout.

"I colored him a page, but it ripped." He said softly earning a small nod from Jeongin who pursed his lips. "How about we stop at the store and buy him a present hm?" Jeongin said as he looked back at Taehyun who gasped eyes lighting up at the idea.


"Mhm, we can get him something cute like a toy." Jeongin said as he looked back at Taehyun who nodded.

"Okay Innie."

As promised they stopped at a store looking down the aisles for a present. "How about this one Innie." Taehyun said as he grabbed the little bunny plushie. "I think it's cute Tae." The Omega said as he looked at the boy who nodded as he hugged it closer to himself.  "Alright lets get going." Jeongin said as he held the others hand while they walked up to pay.

Taehyun was content with his present a big smile on his face for the rest of the ride to the restaurant.

When they arrived Chan greeted them up-front, leading them back to the table Taehyun clutched the bunny tigher as his eyes locked onto the tiny infant resting in the baby carrier. "Inniee." He whispered as he tugged on his sleeve. "You don't have to be shy TaeTae, you can go give it to him." Jeongin assured looking down at the little Alpha who gulped.

Slowly he shuffled over to the baby carrier before thrusting out the tiny bunny plush to show Han-Jae who stared at it.

"This is for you Hannie." He said as he placed it in the carrier the tiny infant grabbing at it.

"Oh my God that's to cute." Chan muttered as he watched the two. "Better watch it Mr. Bang soon he'll be bringing flowers home." Seungmin teased earning a snort from Chan who sat down. "I wouldn't mind it, as long as there from Taehyun." Chan said earning a small laugh from Jeongin as he sat down.

"Is Hyunjin not coming?" He asked earning a small head shake from Jeongin who sighed. "Hes busy with the company and everything going on." Jeongin said softly we he took of sip of the water the waiter set down for him.

"Eomma mentioned she wanted you to come visit." Chan said with a chuckle as he looked at Jeongin who smiled nodding. "She's heard so much about Taehyun that she wants to meet him." Seungmin said as he looked over at the little Alpha who was talking to Han-Jae. "Speaking of which, I heard the Choi's son goes to the same school."

"He must be a trouble maker." Chan mumbled as he shook his head.

"So you and Hyunjin doing good?" He asked looking at Jeongin who nodded. "Yeah we're going on a date this weekend actually." Jeongin said as he looked at the two who nodded. "By the way, um I wanted to mention that Daesung knows where I'm at now." Jeongin said softly as he looked at his water.

"What?" Chan seethed as he looked at the other with narrowed eyes. "Its fine though, Hyunjin took care of it." Jeongin assured as he looked at the elder who was turning red with rage.

"Jeongin you know that won't stop him." He said earning a small sigh from the other who leaned back hands clasped around the glass cup. "I know, but I can't just move again. I have Taehyun and Hyunjin in my life now." Jeongin said his voice softening as he ran his tounge over his lips. "I'm happy with where I am and I won't let Daesung ruin that."

"Even if that means I get hurt in the process."

A tense silence fell over the table before a sigh left Chan who gave the younger a worried look.

"Promise me you'll call the police if he tries anything okay? And not just the police, Me and Hyunjin too." Chan said as he looked at Jeongin who nodded. "I promise Hyung." He assured with a gentle smile.

"Uncle Minnie, can I go home with Hannie?" Taehyun asked looking at Seungmin who gave a small smile. "Maybe not tonight Tae, but you can come over this weekend." Seungmin said as he looked at the other who nodded.

"You can come over whenever you like Tae." Chan said as he ruffled the boys hair.

"Okay. Oh!—can I teach baby Han-Jae to draw and paint too?" He asked earning a small chuckle from Chan. "Maybe when he's older, but for now you can still show him" Chan assured.

"I'll show him how to paint flowers like Appa!"

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