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Jeongin sleepily read the text Minho had sent him about Hyunjin taking and picking up from school the rest of the week so he wouldn't have to come.

So instead he decided to visit Felix, and talk with the other omega to catch up. Currently he was already walking into the shop a smile on his face as he greeted the blonde. "Where's Taehyun?" He asked teasingly toward Jeongin who rolled his eyes. "Where's Changbin?"

"Haha very funny." Felix said sarcastically as he cleaned off some paint brushes. "So have you guys talked about you know.."Jeongin said as he looked at Felix who sighed and nodded. "Yeah, Changbin wants to think it over first." Felix mumbled as he placed the brushed back into a jar so they could dry. Jeongin nodded and looked down at the counter. He knew how long Felix had been wanting pups, a family of his own.

Changbin however had not been so up to the idea. He had mentioned it before that he wasn't ready for kids. Jeongin knew for Felix it must of been heart shattering to hear that since the omega had always mentioned wanting a family and having a pup with his Alpha.

"I'm sure he'll come through, Changbin Hyung loves you lix." Jeongin said with a smile, reassuring the omega who gave a small smile and nodded.

"Oh about the date thing, someone's interested so if your still up for it." Felix said as he wriggled his brows. Jeongin looked at him with wide eyes in disbelief. "Really?" He asked earning a scoff from Felix who smacked him with a paint brush.

"Dont act so surprised that someone has taken interest in you." Felix said as he set the paint brush down. "Its not often that someone is willing to court me." Jeongin said with a soft laugh. Felix looked at the white haired male before giving a smile. "There just missing out then cause little innie here is the cutest and sweetest person I've ever seen." Felix said, making Jeongin giggled as he helped him stack some new items on the shelves. "Yeah right."Jeongin said as he grabbed he placed the paints on the shelf.

As the two continued to stack paints, they where interrupted by Jeongin's phone going off.

The white haired omega grabbed the device and looked at the I.D that showed an unknown number. He swiped the green button before, putting the phone to his ear. "Hello?" He asked as he waited for answer.

"Hello, is this Yang Jeongin?" A male voice from the other line asked. "Yes this is him." Jeongin said as he stopped stacking paints. "This is the principle Kim Minhyun from Taehyuns school."

Upon hearing those words Jeongin immediately grabbed his keys and rushed for the door. "Is Taehyun alright?" He asked worriedly as he rushed toward his car. "Yes Taehyun is fine, he just got into a little fight with his classmate. We'll need you to pick him up." The male said earning a silent nod from Jeongin.

"I'll be there right away."

Jeongin was already down the road, nervously tapping the steering wheel as Taehyun's school came into sight. He quickly parked the car, rushing out of the car and into the building. He made his way to the principles office, as he entered he was met with a cleary pissed woman sitting next to a boy with a ice pack to his cheek. "Mr. Yang." Principle Kim said as he greeted the other who gave a small bow.

Taehyun who was sitting in a chair by the desk lifted his head, but quickly looked away.

"Mr. Yang, your Taehyuns babysitter correct?" He asked earning a nod from Jeongin who gave a concerned look. "Taehyun got into a bit of an argument and hit his classmate according to his teacher." Principle Kim said as he locked his fingers together, sitting up straight as he looked at Jeongin who nodded. "Of course we can let it off as a warn—"

"This Boy Should Be Expelled, My Son Is The Future Heir To My Husband's Company! I Will Not Let Some Some Little Brat Ruin His Image. I DEMAND That He Leaves Or I'll Be Taking This To Court!" The woman yelled as she stood up and glared at the Alpha who stared at her for a second before giving an inaudible sigh.

"Mrs. Choi we can't expell a student for a simple fi—" Once again he was cut off by the woman's rage as she turned red. "I DEMAND To Talk With The Boy's Parents, Not Some Whore Ridden Omega." She said in disgust as she looked Jeongin up and down before looking back at Mr. Kim. Jeongin felt himself losing it,tightly balling his fist to control his face. "Mrs. Choi Taehyun's father is to busy to attend currently and his Mother isn't..." Mr. Kim said stopping and glancing at Taehyun.

A smirk grew on her face as she gave a small scoff. "No Wonder She Was Probably Some Skank."

Jeongin lost it a growl leaving him as he started to shout. "Taehyun Is A Wonderful Boy, Eomma Or Not. Unlike You He Has Some Manners and I'm Damn Sure Your Son Probably Takes After You. Your Nothing But A Self-Centered Bitch!" Jeongin spat clearly pissed at this point, he knew that there was no way Taehyun would do something like that, the boy was too sweet and caring he couldn't harm a fly.

"I'm sure some poor omega like you couldn't even afford to go to court so I wouldn't dare try to—." Just before she could finish her sentence the office door opened making them look over.

"Sorry Im late."

Principal Kim just smiled and shook his head.

"Its no problem Mr. Hwang."

Jeongin looked at the blonde who walked toward the desk, his suit nicely fit and hair perfect as he sat down with a serious look. Jeongin had to choke down a laugh as he looked at Mrs. Choi's eyes who where wide, mixed with shock and fear. "I understand there's been an incident." Hyunjin said as he raised a brow looking at Principal Kim who nodded.

"Taehyun and a classmate had a bit of an argument, which lead to physical involvement." Mr. Kim said as he looked at Hyunjin who nodded and gave a small sigh. "Is there any reason why my son, had punched him?"He asked earning a surprised look from the principal. "Um..well we didn't look that far into it we assumed—"

"So you haven't asked the boys for their side of the story?"Hyunjin asked as he looked at Mr. Kim who shook his head. "Then is there anything to discuss?" Silence fell over the room before Mrs. Choi spoke. "Your son hit mine, I think it's only necessary that it come with a cost and a punishment." She said as Hyunjin turned to look at her.  "Very well, I can have the money transferred if you'd like." He said as he stood up.

"No no, I'd wish for the babysitter to be fired. He's said some extremely rude, vulgar things while I wanted to have a civil conversation."

Jeongin's eyes widen in disbelief at that and looked at Hyunjin who didn't make any reaction. "I'm sorry, but Mr. Yang isn't the babysitter."

"He's my Omega."

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