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Hyunjin woke up early as always, it was a habit by now since when he was home he would leave early to get to work to get more things done.

He sat up looked at the other two laying still asleep. Taehyun was sprawled out on the bed while Jeongin's slept on his side one arm loosely around the boy. Sighing he leaned down and gave a kiss to Taehyun's forehead before getting out of bed and heading downstairs to make coffee. It was probably around 6 in the morning the sun still not up yet.

Sighing he ran his fingers through his hair as he turned on the coffee maker. Putting in the kcup before pressing the button and placing a mug underneath it. He leaned against the counter waiting for his coffee.

"Good morning." He said as he turned around. Walking into the kitchen was Jeongin who he had recognized due to the lavender scent that was strongly coming off the boy. "Morning." He said with a yawn as he sat down at the table. "You want any?" Hyunjin asked as he looked back at the boy who shook his head. "No thank you." He mumbled tiredly. Hyunjin nodded and grabbed his mug just drinking the coffee black.

His phone rang in his pocket making him sigh and pull out the device to check the number.

Why the hell was she calling so early.

He turned off his phone and ignored the call, going to sit at the table where Jeongin was at. "Thanks for last night. Taehyun usaully doesn't have nightmares." Hyunjin said as he set the mug down on the table. Jeongin shook his head and gave a sleepy smile. "Its fine." Jeongin said as he waved it off.

"Taehyun's a good kid." He said with a smile as he messed his his fingers. Hyunjin nodded and took another sip of coffee. The two sat in a comfortable silence neither of them speaking for awhile until there was a knock the door. Hyunjin didn't bother to get up cause a few seconds later Minho entered. "Jeongin?" The male asked as he looked at the boy in surprise. "Hi Hyung." He said with a smile as he waved shyly.

"Well I guess I don't need to worry about Hyunjin burning the house down from making breakfast." Minho said as he walked over to the coffee maker and turned it on.

"So Jeongin why are you here?" The male asked turning back around as he grabbed a mug from the cabinet. "Oh I stayed over last night. Taehyun had bad dream." He said as he looked at Minho who hummed and nodded. Again Hyunjin's phone rang, making him sigh as he pulled it out of his pocket hanging up before setting it down on the table. Minho turned around with a raised brow as he looked at Hyunjin.

"She's calling again?" He asked as he added creamer into the coffee. Nodding the blonde ran his fingers through his hair. "Texting to, it's only a matter of time before she'll he showing up at my office or even worse at Taehyun's school or here." He muttered, clearly frustrated.

"Maybe you should ask Taehyun if he wants to see her. She's his Eomma after all." Minho said as he walked toward the table taking a seat. Jeongin was curious, listening as the two talked about the predicament. "You know why I don't want that Minho." Hyunjin said as he looked at the brunette who sighed. "I know, but take it into consideration. Taehyun's a mature boy I'm sure that he'll understand." Minho said as he took a sip of coffee while he stared at the table. Jeongin stayed silent, simply messing with his fingers.

"Appa?" A tiny voice called making the adults look over. Taehyun padded into the room walking over to Hyunjin who smiled and lifted him up, setting the boy on his lap. "Morning baby." He mumbled as he gave a kiss to Taehyun's cheek.

The sleepy boy rubbed at his eyes as he blinked, still trying to wake up. Though once he saw Jeongin the boy was fully awake, his eyes wide as a large smile formed on his. "Innieeee." He squealed as he slid off Hyunjins lap and rushed over toward the snow haired boy climbing into his lap. "Good morning Innie." He said as he smiled brightly at Jeongin who smiled back. "Good morning Tae."

"Innie how come your so pretty?"He asked as he cupped the Omega's cheeks with cutely pursed lips. With a laugh the omega shook his head and poked the smaller boys cheeks. "I'm not that pretty." He said as he looked at the tiny alpha who furrowed his brows. "Uh huh Innie is really pretty, like..like. Like a princess." Taehyun exclaimed making Jeongin giggled a bit.

"Then your a handsome Prince." He said as he ruffled the boys hair. Taehyun giggled as his face scrunched up into a cute smile. "Mhm."

"Wow, he loves Jeongin more than he loves you." Minho said with a teasing smirk as he looked at Hyunjin who scoffed and watched as his son continued to ask Jeongin a bunch of things about him being pretty.

Hyunjin smiled watching Taehyun laugh and giggle at Jeongin's comments and jokes. He missed being able to spend time with the small boy. He loved Taehyun dearly with all his heart.

"Innie are you gonna stay today?" Taehyun asked with sparkling eyes. Jeongin gave a sad smile and shook his head. "Your should spend time with your appa." Jeongin said as he ruffled the smaller boys hair. Taehyun pouted as he leaned against the Omega he wanted to spend time with Innie to not just Appa. Looking back at his father he gave his signature doe eyes his uncle Jiji taught him. "Appa innie can come right?"

"I don't see why not." Hyunjin said as he looked at Taehyun who lit up and slid off Jeongin's lap. "See, see come on Innie help me get dressed " Taehyun giggled as he pulled the boy upstairs with a large smile. Hyunjin watched the ends of his lip curling as he took a sip of coffee. "Seems like Taehyun isn't the only one who likes Innie." Minho said teasingly as he looked over at Hyunjin who scoffed.

"Yeah right." He mumbled. He only thought of Jeongin as someone he simply hired to babysit his son that's it. "Thats what I said about Jisung." Minho said as he stood up with a smirk.

"Have a good date."


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