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(^^why he so pretty, it's unfair)

"Taehyun did you pack your swimming trunks?" Hyunjin asked as he peeked into the little boys room. "Mhm, are we gonna go pick up Innie now?" He asked with sparkling eyes.

"Yes right after you finish packing your pajamas." Hyunjin said with a smile as he walked into the room opening one of the drawers and pulling put the pj's. "Appa, we aren't flying right?"Taehyun asked as he zipped up his packback looking over at his father who shook his head. "Not this time baby where gonna drive instead."

After finishing packing Taehyun's stuff Hyunjin loaded the suitcases in the trunk of the car checking the time as he pulled out of the drive way.

Jeongin had gone to his apartment to pack his clothes. So they would be picking him up.

"Appa can I have a snack?" Taehyun asked as he looked at Hyunjin who nodded reaching over to grab the plastic bag before handing it to Taehyun. "There's a juice in there for you to." He said as he pulled onto the road leading to Jeongin's apartment. "Thank you." Taehyun said as he opened the package to the cream filled bread.

Pulling up to the complex Hyunjin smiled upon seeing the familiar figure. Stopping he parked the car and got out to help the younger.

"You dyed your hair." He said looking at the now ravenette who shyly smiled. "Yeah." He said with a soft laugh. "I'll but the suit case in the back you can get in." Hyunjin said as he grabbed the bag from Jeongin who smiled nodding as he quickly opened the car door and slipped into the passenger seat. "Mommy!" Taehyun squeaked with a bright smile as he looked at Jeongin who gave a small laugh.

"Hi TaeTae. Is your bread good?" He asked watched as the small boy munched on the sweet treat. "Mhm." He replied with a closed smile.

"Innie are we going to see your family?" Taehyun asked as he sipped on his juice. "Yup, and we'll go to the beach to." Jeongin said as he looked at Taehyun who nodded.

"Alright we should get going, it's gonna get late soon." Hyunjin said as he got back in the car, taking it out of park before pulling back onto the road. "You know the way?" Jeongin asked earning a soft hum from the elder. "I've been down to Busan for buisness meetings." He assured. "Taehyun your tablet is in the back of the seat." Hyunjin said as he glanced back at his son who leaned forward and plucked it out as soon as he did the boy was plugging in his headphones and going straight to Netflix to watch his show.

"You smell stressed." Hyunjin said as he glanced over at Jeongin who sighed nodding. "I lost my heat pills and I haven't had time to get some more since I need to renew my prescription." He muttered running a hand over his face. "We can stop and pick something up I think Jisung might have some." Hyunjin said with a worried look.

"Ah, it's okay really besides. It's only for a few days hopefully since I went through heat not to long ago it'll be okay." Jeongin said as he gave a soft smile turning up the radio.

"Okay, but if your not feeling well at any time just tell me okay?" Hyunjin said softly as he focused back on the road.

"Okay." Jeongin said as he looked down at his phone. "Oh by the way, my parents said that they wanted to meet you and have dinner somewhere. If your okay with that." Jeongin said sheepishly as he fiddled with his phone nervously.

"Tell them that I'll pay and find a nice restaurant." Hyunjin said as he leaned back relaxed as he drove. "O-okay." Jeongin said as he looked down at his phone. "Um, they don't exactly know that your a rich CEO." He mumbled as he scratched the back of his neck.

"You didn't tell them?" Hyunjin asked with a raised brow, his eyes still on the road. "Its not exactly easy to mention that your boyfriend is a rich CEO with a cute 6 year old son." Jeongin said as he looked out the window.

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