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"I'm such a fucking idiot." Hyunjin cursed as he gripped his hair, staring down at the white tile floor with teary eyes.

"Its not your fault Jin." Minho said softly as he rubbed the others back, his cheeks red from tears as well.

Currently Chan was consulting with a nurse asking when they'd be able to see Jeongin, Taehyun was with Felix and Changbin at Chans parents place to ensure extra protection even though the police currently had Taehyun.

"Jeongin will be okay. I know he will." Minho said as he looked at Chan who took a deep breath as he turned around and shook his head.

The clock kept ticking, minute by minute passing until a doctor walked out glancing down at his clipboard before looking up.

"Yang Jeongin?" He called.

Both Minho and Hyunjin shot up, the younger Alpha striding over with a worried look. "How is he?" He asked shakily as he looked at the doctor who took a deep breath. "He's alright." The man assured earning a sigh of relief from Hyunjin who quickly wiped away his tears.

"The bleeding wasn't major, he does have a concussion, two broken ribs a broken wrist and a slight fracture to his shoulder. He also has a few bruises on his back and face." He said with a small sigh as he looked at Hyunjin who nodded as he ran his tounge over his lips. "Can..can we see him?" He asked earning a small smile from the doctor who nodded.

"Just this way." He said turning around and guiding the three males to the room. Jeongin laid awake on the bed eyes lidded and body relaxed back into the bed.

He had a cast around his wrist that led up to mid forearm. A bandage was around his head, while a purplish bruise laid barren on the side of his cheek. Tears welled in Hyunjins eyes as he stood at the door way.

"Jinnie." Jeongin said softly as a smile formed on his face, his hand gentle lifted wincing due to his shoulder sending an immediate flood of worry to the Alpha who rushed over.

"No baby, rest your arm love." He said as he gentle helped Jeongin rest his arms back on the bed.

"Don't cry." Jeongin said with a sweet smile as he looked up at the Alpha who's bottom lip was trembling, tears flowing down his cheeks as he held back sobs. "I'm so sorry." Hyunjin choked out and he looked down at Jeongin who let out a calming wave of pheromones trying to soothe the distressed Alpha.

"Minho Hyung can you get Hyunjin a water please." Jeongin murmered softly as he looked over at the other who nodded and headed out. "Your Eomma is on the way here." Chan said as he looked at Jeongin who gave a small nod. "Thank you Hyung." He said softly as he smiled at Chan who nodded.

A small knock sounded on the door before the doctor was entering, flashing a small smile as he walked in.

"Hello Jeongin I'm Dr. Lee." He said with a smile as he looked at the other. "I've already been over everything, so your free to go home." He assured earning a small nod front Jeongin who slowly sat up further.

Minho ended up driving both of them home, making sure the house was checked over before letting the two in. Hyunjins body guards were place around the property along with a few of Mrs. Bangs since she had insisted on it.

Hyunjin helped him make a nest, organizing things for Jeongin and helping him get settled.

When Taehyun was back the little Alpha was all over Jeongin asking him if he was okay and constantly staying beside him. Jeongin had assured him he was alright letting Taehyun curl up at his side and fall asleep.

"I love you." Jeongin said as he looked at Hyunjin who gave him a sad smile. The Alpha's eyes were puffy and red from crying his cheeks irritated from the tears he had shed, but looked beautiful to Jeongin none the less. "I love you too." He muttered softly as he pressed a soft kiss to Jeongins temple.

"I love me to." The Omega teased earning a snort from the Alpha who moved closer, carefully he laid an arm over his waist gentle smiling as the little Alpha between them slept.

"I love you so much."


"How's Jeongin doing?" Minho asked as he looked at Hyunjin who gave a small sigh. "He's okay, stubborn and clumsy but okay." He assured as the other followed him into the living room.

Jeongin was passed out on the couch with Taehyun at his side the little Alpha clinging to his un-injured half. 

"Taehyun hasn't left his side at all, even when Jeongins parents came by." Hyunjin said with a frown. "Not that it's a bad thing, but I think Taehyun was affected pretty badly." Hyunjin said softly as he brushed the boys hair aside. Minho nodded as he looked down at the small boy.

"I hate that I couldn't protect either of them." Hyunjin said softly as he shook his head. 

"Take it easy on yourself Jin." Minho said as he gently patted the other on the back. "Me and Jisung were thinking of a small dinner, I'll come over and cook something while you, Jeongin and Taehyun relax for tonight we'll even stay over and help with everything." Minho said as he looked at Hyunjin who nodded with a small smile.

"Thanks Hyung, I'd like that."

"Oh by the way Chan called me earlier saying his Eomma would handle everything." Minho said as he looked back at Hyunjin who shook his head.

"She doesn't have to—"

"She said she won't take no as an answer as well." Minho said earning a nod from Hyunjin who headed into the kitchen. "My father said he'll deal with my mom." Hyunjin said as he opened the cabinet and pulled out some tea bags.

"I've already decided on getting a new house. I'm in the process already." Hyunjin said as he looked over at Minho with a small sigh.

"I'm hoping things will get better."

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