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*Skipped ahead about a month so it's December.

"Innie what happened to your hair." Taehyun gasped as he looked at the now dark permed hair. "I thought I'd try something new." Jeongin said as he looked at the little boy who pouted.

"I wanna do my hair to." He whined climbing onto the couch and sitting down next to the other.

"Appa you too!" Taehyun said as he looked at Hyunjin who smiled at him. His hair now short and dark. "Yeah I think it was time to go short again." He said sitting down next to his son. "No fair, I want a hair cut." Taehyun said as he looked at Hyunjin who chuckled. "I think your hair looks good Tae." He said ruffling the soft dark locks.

"Can we have hot chocolate then?" He asked looking at Hyunjin who pursed his lips as he hummed.

"Is it cold?" Hyunjin asked looking at Taehyun who nodded. "Mhm, it's almost Christmas of course it's cold." He announced earning a small smile from Jeongin who gave a soft giggle.

"Innie do you think Santa will bring a lot of presents?" Taehyun asked as he looked at Jeongin who nodded. "Of course he will, you've been good all year." Jeongin assured.

"And baby Han-Jae will get lots too?"

"I'm sure he will TaeTae."

"Can we go get hot chocolate now?" Taehyun asked as he slid off the couch looking at the two. "Alright baby let's go get you some hot chocolate." Hyunjin said as he stood up helping Jeongin up as well.

"Don't forget your coat Taehyun." He yelled as the little Alpha rushed toward the front door.

"Should we go look around for presents as well?" Jeongin asked softly as they walked toward the door. "Its probably a good time to start." Hyunjin said as he wrapped his arm around the others waist.



"Your two americanos."

"Thank you." Jisung said as he grabbed his drink. Minho shot the waitress a small smile before looking at Jisung who was already sipping on his drink. "Isn't that bad for the baby?" He asked earning a small hum from the other. "As long as I don't have to much caffeine, and it's hot not cold. It doesn't have a lot of espresso shots in it." Jisung assured as he leaned against Minho who sighed.

"I want another pumpkin bread." He said taking the last bite of his current one. "Babe you've already had three." Minho said as he looked at Jisung who shrugged.

"The baby's hungry." He said as he caresses the earning a small snort from Minho. "Okay then we'll order another one." He said pecking Jisung on the cheek. With a smile Jisung rubbed his belly. Currently he was five months pregnant their baby boy growing perfectly healthy.

"Uncle MinMin, Sungie!" A voice called earning their attention as they looked over to see Taehyun rushing up to them in grey coat, little nose a bright red. "Taehyun, what are you doing here?" Minho asked looking at the little boy who smiled. "We came to get hot chocolate."

"Innie uncle Sungie and MinMin are here." Taehyun said as he turned to look at Jeongin who smiled as he walked over. "Jeongin how are you doing?" Jisung asked looking at the other who gave a small smile.

"Better, I finally got my cast off." He said holding up his wrist. "My shoulder is getting better and I've been going to physical therapy to regain my strength, before I can start working out again."

"Didn't expect to run into you two." Hyunjin said as he wrapped his arms around Jeongin smiling sofyly. "We were just about to go look for Christmas stuff." Jisung said as he took another sip of his drink. "We can all go together." He suggested with a smile.

"If you want to."

"Sounds good, we'll order are stuff first then tag along." Hyunjin said as he lifted Taehyun who smiled as he pointed at the Menu.

Taehyun of course got hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, Jeongin ended up with a carmel frappe while Hyunjin stuck with a hot Americano. Minho ordered another two pumpkin spice breads for Jisung who happened to share it with Taehyun saying he was stuffed now.

"So what do you want for Chrismas Tae?" Minho asked as he looked at the little boy who furrowed his brows in concentration. "I want a pack of oil pastels, and some acrylic paints to." Taehyun said, smiling bright at the thought.

"No toys?" Minho asked with raised brow.

"Oh! Maybe for baby Han-Jae." He said looking up at Minho who gave a small chuckle. "He likes soft things especially bunnies." Taehyun said as he held onto Jeongins hand.

"Me and Minho Hyung are gonna go look at stuff." Hyunjin said as he looked back at the two who nodded.

"Wait Appa I wanna go to!" Taehyun exclaimed as he rushed forward. "Tae I don't think—" He started only to be cut off by the little boy.

"I wanna get innie something." He whispered earning a small smile from Hyunjin who sighed as he nodded. "Okay then, you can come with us Tae."

"Me and Jeonginnie are gonna go look at some stuff." Jisung said as he linked arms with the other Omega who have a timid smile. "You two be careful." Minho said with a worried look earning a small snort from his pregnant mate. "I can protect myself Babe, don't have all these hormones for nothing." Jisung said as he pulled Jeongin down another way, waving at the Alpha's before dusting into the crowd.

"Alright where to first." Jisung murmered as they walked. "We could go clothes shopping for the baby." Jeongin suggested as he gestured to the little clothes store.

"We don't have to if you don't—" Jisung started earning a quick head shake from the other.

"No it's okay Hyung." He assured as he led Jisung toward the store. "Okay, but we can leave whenever you like." Jisung said with a soft smile as they walked inside.

The store was filled with children's clothes from infants to almost preteen. Both of them headed straight for the baby section looking at all the clothes and stuff. "This is cute." He said looking at the little teddy bear onesie. Jeongin smiled as he watched Jisung light up upon picking out the baby clothes along with the little shoes and socks.

"Here." Jisung said as he handed Jeongin the onesie with little fox's on it. "Oh and this to." Jisung exclaimed as he handed him the koala one. "There cute but—" Jeongin started earning a small Shh from the other.

"Its for my future neice or nephew." He said with a wink earning a small smile from Jeongin who placed them over his arm.

"I might ever have one." Jeongin mumbled softly as he ran his fingers on the soft fabric. "What do you mean?" Jisung asked looking back at him as he rubbed his belly.

"I mean, my own baby." He muttered softly as he stared at the small fox's on the fabric. "Its not impossible." Jisung said as he grabbed a small blanket. "Besides the chances are higher with Hyunjin being a blood Alpha." Jisung said as he shrugged and picked out another pair of socks.

"A..true Alpha?" Jeongin asked as he looked at the little stuffed animals. "Yeah, both his parents are Alpha's so his blood his stronger than a regular Alpha's."

"Which means the chance of you getting pregnant is higher." Jisung said as they made their way to the counter.

A small smile formed on Jeongin's face his heart warming at the thought.

He had a chance.

/have a good day or night :)

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