(Request) The Ugly Duckling- Sirius

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Requested by: Mynamemeans_Twilight

Request: Hey there! Can you also make a story where Sirius bullies the reader for being ugly without knowing that she is actually beautiful. For a dare that says that he has to talk to a person he hates a lot in Hogwarts which is the reader. He talks to her and finds out that she is actually a kind and sweet girl. They both get close and develop feelings for each other. When they're talking one day he asks the reader to the ball. In the ball, she comes out with her true face, which she was hiding to find her true love as she wanted him to love her for who she is and she believes that her love is Sirius. At the ball, she is late and last to come. Her other bullies (the Slytherin and Ravenclaw boys) are waiting for her to show up so that they could mock her while the Marauders are defending her. When she finally comes she has the same moment like Hermione had in the Yule Ball cuz they all are breathtaken by her beauty. She finally tells Sirius why she acted ugly and he tells her that even if she looked like how she looked before, she was the most beautiful girl in his eyes and the night ends with their kiss...

A.N: This gives me Not Another Teen Movie/ 10 Things I Hate About You vibes and I don't know why XD
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Prehaps it was the way you wore your uniform or the way all your other clothes weren't classed as fashionable, or maybe it was the way you didn't feel the need to wear makeup or have your hair in a hairstyle that was seen as pretty. The list could go on but for whatever reason most boys in the school saw you as "ugly". Why you didn't know as infact you were rather beautiful but none of them seemed interested in finding that out. You didn't let this affect you, however, as you were saving your beauty for the one you loved the most. Which, out of everyone in the school, happened to be one of the people who saw fit to bully you. This person being none other then Sirius Black. And it stung alot.

Speaking of Sirius, your eyes spotted him just down the corridor from you, he was heading your way. He hadn't seen you so prehaps if you were quiet you could just slip away without him notice- "Hey Donkey Face." He yelled, saying the dreaded nickname, his eyes focusing purely on you, gaining everyone's attention who was within earshot. Everyone then began to snicker to themselves as you stopped in your tracks.

"So close." You thought as you sighed and closed your eyes. Taking a deep breath you opened your eyes back up before forcing yourself to turn around and face him. "What?" You questioned getting straight to the point. Refusing to acknowledge the people laughing, although some of them had stopped by now. Normally whenever Sirius did this you'd only respond by either walking away as he laughed at you or silently stand there while he takes the piss. But today you weren't feeling so submissive to his belittling.

As he approached you, his eyes scanned over your body, something you involuntarily shivered at. You always hated it whenever he did that. "I'm not in the mood Sirius, what do you want?" You repeated more sternly, already fed up with the conversation despite how little it had gone.

He scoffed. "Someone's got a mouth on her today." You only roll your eyes.

"What do you want?" You repeated for the third time, now your patience was wearing thin. If he's planning on mocking or belittling you again then he might as well get it over with. But for some untold reason, one you'll probably find out soon enough, Sirius didn't mock or belittle you for once. Despite the snotty attitude he started with he actually hadn't set out to emotionally hurt you this time round.

"You see," He started, acting cocky. "There's this dare that states that I have to talk to the person I hate the most in school and well-"

"And that would be me." You say cutting him off. Sirius only stared, his attitude changing from cocky to surprised, too caught up in the fact you cut him off for him to respond with something sarcastic. "Typical." You huff with a shake of your head but then an idea sprung to mind. If the dare is for him to talk to the person he hates the most, that being you, then you'll make sure he sees the real you and not the facade you hide behind, the one everyone is use to seeing. "Fine whatever, we can talk." You agree rather dismissively. He raises an eyebrow at you but doesn't question it. Instead he grabs you by the arm and drags you off down the corridor going back the way you came.

"Fine but we're going somewhere privet." He states, returning back to his usual snotty self. "I'm not having every sodding student know that I spoke to you."

"I thought this was a dare." You push in the same tone. Sirius rolls his eyes.

"Just shut up and walk."

Upon entering an empty classroom and despite the friction between you two to begin with, you both ended up spending the best part of the next hour talking. And surprisingly you both ended up liking it. So much so you decided to meet up around the same time tomorrow and then the day after that and the day after that. In the end you both couldn't go a day without having to meet up and chat, to list in detail how your days have been and then to find new and exciting things out about each other. Despite what he thought about you prior to the dare Sirius found out that you were, infact, a really kind and sweet girl and not just the ugly face all the boys assume you are.

He'd hate to admit it but Sirius even found himself falling for you and vice versa, although you already had a crush on him. It was pretty ironic when you think about it, this whole thing started out because of a simple dare. Sirius being the one who was dared and you wanting to prove to him you weren't an ugly face. Although truth betold you've never wanted to act upon your feelings, that is until now.

Sitting in yet another empty classroom, you were half way through your conversation when Sirius suddenly cut you off. "Will you go to the Ball with me?" He asked out the blue. He appeared calm but he was a complete wreak on the inside. You stopped and stared.

"I..." You paused, shocked at the question. Before your mind could process the shock of being asked your mouth was already giving your answer. "Yes." You said. "Yes I'll go to the Ball with you." Sirius smiled delightfully at your answer and you smiled too once your mind caught up.


It was finally the night of the Ball and you were feeling a mixture of both excitement and anxiety. Anything and everything could happen tonight and that was what scared you the most. "Stop it." You told yourself, you were late enough as it is so you sure as hell didn't need your anxious thoughts to fill your head as well.

Adding the finishing touches to your outfit, you were finally ready to leave and head to the ball. Looking yourself over in the mirror one last time you smiled to yourself, truly content with your appearance. "This should show everyone who thought differently." You thought as you left your dorm.

As you were making your way to the hall, you were unaware of the concern Sirius was dealing with due to you being late. His friends were doing their best to reassure him but it wasn't working, especially not while those Slytherin and Ravenclaw boys were waiting for you. Waiting for their chance to pounce at you. The Marauders even took it upon themselves to defend you as the group of boys bad mouthed you but that was all forgotten the moment you step foot on the steps.

"Hey it's Donkey Fa-" A Ravenclaw went to say but was cut off by your beauty. "Oh... wow."

Sirius' eyes widen as his jaw hung slightly ajar. Was this really you? The other three Marauders smirked at Sirius' reaction before leaving him to you. You stood awkwardly on the steps for a moment as everyone gawked at you before your eyes land on Sirius' and you hesitantly walked over to him.

"You look..." He trails off still speechless at the sight of you as you stand in front of him. "You look beautiful."

"Thanks." You blush.

"How-" He went to say but stopped, unsure of what he wanted to say. You sighed knowing you'd have to tell him sooner or later.

"I've always looked like this Sirius." You point out quietly but he just stares as his eyebrows furrow. "I only act "ugly" because I'm not interested in having poeple like me purely for my looks. If people like me, they'll like me for me. The same goes for love as well." You pause. "I know my worth and that's all that matters.

Sirius stays silent for a moment longer, going over what you just said. He honestly found himself agreeing and the more he thought about it, thought about you, he didn't see the girl known around the school as Donkey Face he only saw you. The one he's become infatuated with. "And in my eyes, if you were to look how you did before, and after everything we've done together, I'd still find you the most beautiful girl in the room." He says lovingly.

The music fades around you both as you stare lovingly into each other's eyes. Before you both knew what was happening you pressed your lips together sealing the night with a kiss.

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