(Request) Involuntary- The Marauders

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Requested by: @HaleyMontgomery0

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Requested by: @HaleyMontgomery0

Request: Do you know when you are a muscle spasm and your hand jerk something like that please and do it when the boy are around. Leave it has y/n.

A.N: It's not my finest work which I apologise for but I hope you like it nonetheless.

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There it goes again. The muscles in your hand spasming. Your freshly dipped quill having no choice but to go with your hand as it creates a think black line across the nicely written notes you've just made. "Great." You thought rolling your eyes. Your self esteem lowering even more. "I was doing so well."

Sighing audibly, you leaned back in your chair as you glanced around the class to see if anyone had seen your hand do that. No one did. At least that's what you thought. Unbeknownst to you, Peter- who was sitting in the desk behind you to your right- saw your hand twitched followed by you groaning and became confused by it. He's never seen you do anything like this before and was positively intrigued by it. He was definitely going to relay this information back to the rest of the Marauders when he gets back to the common room after this lesson.

"Everything alright, miss Y/l/n?" Professor Binns questioned when he noticed you flicking between pages in your notebook, re-writing the notes you'd just done. The students nearest to you turned to look at you. More so in confusion then anything.

You ignored the looks. "Everything's fine Professor." You nodded, playing it off despite dying from both embarrassment and annoyance on the inside.

Professor Binns, not needing to believe anything else, took your word for it and smiled. "Very well then." The ghost concluded, giving you a nod of his head before going back to wondering around the classroom and continuing with his teachings.

A sigh escaping your lips as you slouched in your chair. Mentally beating yourself up for almost getting caught. No one must know about these muscle spasms. No one. That's what you like to tell yourself. It wasn't that having these spasms are frowned upon but rather you didn't want people to think of you as weak. Not that anyone truely would but there was always this nagging doubt in the back of your mind that would say otherwise. It frustrated you alot.

As the lesson carried on and you deliberately wrote your notes slower and more carefully as if that would solve the problem, Peter couldn't help but keep an eye on you. A glance here and there, not that you were aware of this, sitting in front of him of course.

When the lesson reached its end and Professor Binns dismissed you all, you were quick to pack up and leave. Not wanting to be reminded of your weakness a second longer but Peter stopped you. "Hey, Y/n." He called, pulling you aside as you both exited the classroom. "You seemed a little down in there. Are you okay?"

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