(Request) Got Each Other's Backs- Remus

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Request: I don't know if you do requests with Marauders in the Golden Trio era but here it is. So the reader is Remus' apprentice when he was still teaching in Hogwarts. They had a father and daughter bond and she fully accepted him when he was outed as a werewolf. After two years, umbitch arrives and tells the reader to go to her office and umbitch begins to say bad things about him and the reader defends him. Meanwhile Harry actually asked the aurors for help and Remus went with the aurors to Hogwarts. When they walked inside umbitch's office they caught her casting crucio on the reader and the aurors arrest her while Remus comforts the reader.

Warnings: Torture, discrimination?

A.N: I'm really sorry for how long it's been since the last updated, I've not been in the best mindset lately but here's the next chapter. Hope you like it.

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You've know Remus for a long time, certainly longer then any of your classmates are aware of. This being because the auror is friends with your parents. So when it was the summer before your third year and Remus asked to make you his apprentice, to take you under his wing, you were more then excited and took the offer without a second thought.

After all, you look up to Remus a lot.

Since becoming Remus' apprentice, you've personally felt and saw a huge difference in how you carried yourself and performed your magic throughout your third year. This was not only because he was your Defence Against the Darks Arts professor but also mentoring you outside of lessons as well. In general you became a whole lot more confident in yourself and can thank Remus' good teachings for that.

He just knew how to bring the best out in you.

And because of that, both you and Remus created this strong and close bond. This father-daughter type bond. A bond that you'll both cherish for as long as you can.

However when the end of your third and accomplishing year came to pass, it brought about some difficulties. The day before leaving the castle for the train journey home you, as we'll as the whole school, became aware of Remus' condition. Which up until then he'd kept very much a secrect. Your Potions professor, Severus Snape, being the one to let it slip during breakfast in the Great Hall.

Afraid of your reaction, Remus couldn’t bare to look at you during that day. But when you eventually found him hiding up in his office, you reassured him that despite his condition nothing between you both changes. You still see him as the kind mentor you always have.

"You're like my second dad, you know that?" You remember saying as you stood opposite him in his office. "Nothing changes." Remus just smiled at you, relieved that you felt that way.

"And you're like the child I never had." He returned before you threw yourself at him, giving him a well deserved hug.

Fast forward two years to your fifth year and you found yourself having to defend your father-like mentor more then you should do. More then usual. Especially now that Umbridge has taken over as Headmistress of Hogwarts.

"I wish she would just back off." You groaned in frustration as you dropped your bag onto the bench of the Gryffindor table as you sat with the Golden Trio for breakfast. Ron as usual looked up at you as you spoke but then continued on with eating. Hermione giving him an annoyed look.

Harry was the one who spoke first. "I don't think she's capable of backing off." He joked, taking a sip of his pumpkin juice. You weren't expecting him to make that sort of joke but it was warmly welcomed as you all burst out laughing. Hermione even having to wait several minutes to calm down before she, herself, could speak her mind.

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