(Request) Quidditch Buddies- James

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Request: James x female reader. Rest is up to you

A.N: For this to properly work Y/n is a Gryffindor. Hope you like it!

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Quidditch. You loved the sport. Infact both you and James did. The game was your life. It was in your blood. And anyone you'd ask would testify to that. You both loved the sport that much that every moment you didn't spend cooped up in the castle doing school work or James doing pranks with the Marauders, you'd both be out on the pitch playing or practicing Quidditch. It was honeslty incredibily predicable.

"Alright guys." Gryffindor's Quidditch captain, Charlie Bell, announced as half of the team crowded around him. You stood beside James. "Today we'll be trying out some new tricks and maneuvers, ready for our match against Hufflepuff on Wednesday. The other half of the team have already been briefed." He explained as he turned towards the blackboard that was beside him. The maneuvers crudely drawn out in chalk.

"Looks like Snivellus was allowed to draw it." James joked in your ear, nudging you with his elbow ever so slightly.

You immediately nudged him back. "Shhh!" You returned, barely able to contain your laughter at the joke. James chuckled too. Some of your team looked to you both but just smirked or shook their heads. Thankfully Charlie didn't hear otherwise he'd bench you both again. And you really didn't want that.

Turning your focus back to the blackboard, you both listened to Charlie's explanation of the maneuvers. "Y/n and James, I want you two to throw the Quaffle between you both to distract the opposing chaser before throwing it over to me where I'll score it." He spoke, pointing to the diagram before looking to you both. You both nodded. That was honestly the only part of the talk the pair of you paid attention to and Charlie knew it.

Finishing the talk, Charlie gazed at you all. "I know this is only a practice but I want a fair game." He warned, mainly addressing it to you and James. You both held your hands up defensively despite knowing exactly what Charlie was referring to.

You, taking a leaf from Slytherin, had the habit of "accidentally" clipping the backs of your opponents brooms so they'd loose control. Whereas James would steal the Quaffle back by blatantly hitting it out of their grasps. Despite not doing this all the time, when you both did do this however it was only really against Slytherin. Wanting to return the favour and all. Madam Hooch and Charlie would lay into you both profusely once the match was done.

Grabbing your brooms, you all made your way out onto the pitch. You and James staying close as you strolled out. Up in the stands were your friends, showing up for support but also to see a good game and the entertainment and chaos you two brought to the pitch. Sirius and Marlene also watching to learn a thing or two ready for their tryouts in the spring. Remus, however, was up in the teachers box acting as the commentator.

"Now, I'm sure Charlie has already spoken to you all but I expect to see good sportsmanship from each and every one of you as we'll as a fair game." Hooch said as the entire team gathered around her. This being her typical before-the-match speech. Her gaze, somewhat looking to you and James, much what like Charlie had done moments before in the changing rooms.

Without another word, the match got underway. Mounting your brooms, you all kicked off the ground, flying up into the air. You and James doing a small circuit around your half of the team before high fiving each other as you passed. From the stands your friends cheered.

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