(Request) Comfortable- Sirius

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Requested by: LilaCole562

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Requested by: LilaCole562

Request: Yay! So, not really a detailed request, I just sorta want a quiet type of love between Sirius and a Slytherin reader. Yk that type of love where it's cozy but the romantic love still shows. Can you show a transition from best friends to lovers here but that type of love is still there and people r like "dude just get together already"

A.N: Did I achieve this? I'm not quite sure. Also, just as a reminder, requests will be closing tomorrow evening. I will post an announcement when they're closed.


You both are two sides of same coin. You really are. You both are so different yet so much alike that it confuses people when you say that you're actually best friends. Typically you both will get one of either two responces. From the disbelievers it's usually, "You two are... friends?" and from the everyone who isn't surprised it's, "Figures. You two are alike."

And that's what you liked best about your friendship, it could go in any direction at any given time. One minute you could be giving valid arguments to each other then the next you'll be sneaking into each other's dorms just to say hello. It was chaotic and you loved it. You both did.

Today was no different.

Sirius had been hanging out with his friends, the Marauders, throughout the morning while you reluctantly went up to the library to catch up on what homework you had left. You'd put it off all week. However, despite completing about three quarters of it, you found yourself loosing interest and began to zone out, staring blankly at your notebook.

You were really tired. You're dorm mate had been snoring throughout the night due to their allergies flaring up and so you didn't get much sleep yourself. In fact you were positive you could quite easily fall asleep right here right now in the library. You didn't particually want to if you could help it but it would appear your body wasn't giving you much choice as you felt your eyelids becoming heavy. Before you knew it, your head hit the table and you were out for the count.

Sirius, having taken the map from his dorm, found your whereabouts pretty quickly and headed right to you. When he entered the library, he didn't see you to begin with but then remembered where you like to sit when you come in here. Towards the middle of the room. Sirius hadn't the faintest idea to why that was your favourite part of the library to sit but he didn't complain either.

Walking down the middle of the library, he looked down each row of desks until he found you. "Y/n-" He said loudly before stopping himself. You were still fast alseep, although your position had changed slightly. Now your left arm was streched out across the desk, narrowly missing your ink pot, your head resting on your upper arm. Sirius couldn't help but to watch you for a moment or two, a smile pastered on his face as he listened to you snore lightly. He's seen you asleep on multiple occasions but for some reason, this time, he thought it was... cute? You looked peaceful yet vulnerable and if he had a camera he'd probably savour the moment by taking a photo of it. But he didn't and so settled on admiring your peaceful sleep for a moment longer.

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