(Request) Born This Way- Remus and Sirius

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Requested by: iloveyallgurls123

Request: Can I leave a request? Can like the reader be a shifter- like twilight idk- and imprint on Remus and Sirius but she's a Hufflepuff and they look down on her kinda and she shifts and saved them and Remus is confused cause she's not an animagus but was born with it??? Thanks!

A.N: The imprinting is loosely based off Twilight however to fit the Marauders more I've changed and added some of my own ideas that I thought would work. Hope that's okay? And I hope this is what you wanted?
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I will be whatever you need me to be. A friend, a lover, a protector.

Imprinting. As a child it was explained to you as a gravitational pull to whom ever you imprinted on. It was as if that person was holding you and not the world around you, as if nothing else mattered. It was more then love at first sight, it was a pinnacle moment of your life. It would forever control what you do.

The only problem was, you imprinted on two people who looked down on you. It wasn't that they hated you but because you're a Hufflepuff, they were convinced you weren't as cool. It annoyed you but at the same time it didn't. You didn't intend to imprint on them either, you knew it was out of your control, but the moment you properly looked at the pair after your first phasing during the holidays was the moment your gravity shifted and became tied with theirs.

You imprinted on Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.

They never rejected your imprint which shocked you but you put that down to them not knowing. Although you knew the pair would have had to have felt something, a connection at least, but whether they truly understood what that connection was, was another thing.

There were many downsides to your imprinting, for example the pain you felt whenever they rolled their eyes or muttered something under their breath because you tried to help them. Or even when they passed you in the corridors. Now that stung. But the one positive side was that you could feel when they were in danger. Granted you had the habit of feeling this whenever they did a prank as well which was near enough everyday but you've learnt to distinguish their prank injuries from any real danger. It was difficult to begin with but you managed it.

Speaking of, the pair had just pulled off yet another prank with the other two Marauders, and yet again you felt the gut feeling in the pit of your stomach. And as usual this caused you to investigate, to make sure the pair were okay. They never seriously injure themselves on pranks but you couldn't help- no scratch that- you needed to go and check just incase. This part of the imprinting was frustrating, especially with these two.

You found the four pretty quickly, they were up in the prefects' bathroom on the fifth floor. Why they were up here was beyond you. Hardly anyone ever came in here so why set a prank in there? Regardless you didn't particularly want to know, you only came to see if Sirius and Remus were okay, which by the looks of it they were. Making it out as if you were turning to walk down another corridor you overheard Sirius groaning about noticing you. They chose to walk down the same corridor, walking behind you.

"Jesus!" He complained loud enough for you to hear as he threw his head back dramatically. "There she is again." You closed your eyes at the comment as the pain kicked in.

Remus joined in. "Why is she always near whenever we do something?" Upon hearing that you took a deep breath. Thankfully James defended you.

"Prehaps Y/n has a reason to why she's always close to you guys." He suggested. If only they knew.

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