(Request) Misguided Youth- Sirius Part 3

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Requested by: billie_potter

Original Request: Hey, can you do one where we're Sirius' and Regulus' little sister and we are in Slytherin it's our 3rd year and we think we have to be our mother rude and hate muggle borns and one day Sirius and the rest of the Marauders see us bullying a muggle born calling them names and hexing them so they stop us and try to teach us that it's okay to be a muggle born and not to hex people but we don't listen and through out the week they see us hexing muggle borns and calling them names until one day they had enough.

Summary: Well maybe you could have her have a mental breakdown like Draco in the bathroom trying to wash the mark off bc of the pain and Sirius finds her there but she gets out and you can do the rest.

A.N: For this chapter the previous two parts are on my first Marauders book for anyone who wants to read them or do a little re-cap :)

Warning: Panic attack, mental breakdown, possible triggers

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Part III

It's been several weeks since your little outburst of emotions and since you confessed to Regulus and Lily about having the Mark. Following that day however, your behaviour around the school has changed. Drastically. You no longer feel the need to obsessently bully Muggleborns nor do you participate with your friends when they do it. Despite their attempts at getting you to join in. You simply don't care for it anymore. Ever since receiving the Mark, everything you enjoyed and did before just seemed obsolete- it just didn't matter.

Having the Mark very much made you distant to say the least. But it's also made you focus all that anger and hatred you held for other people with different blood statuses to you and turn it inwards. Directing it at yourself and the Mark.

Walking down the third floor corridor, your mind attempting to distract you from the Mark, you were pulled out of it when a voice called your name. It was your brother, Regulus. You didn't bother with stopping to wait for him nor did you really acknowledge him. Not that it phased him as he caught up to you. Lily was with him too. "Y/n." He repeated, pausing as him and Lily fell into step with you. "How you feeling today?"

It was a standard question for your brother to ask these days and it was honestly one that was beginning to annoy you. "No different." You mumbled, rolling your eyes at the question. You just wanted to be left alone.

Lily frowned. "We- we've been thinking..." The Gryffindor trailed off, uncertain of your reaction to what she was about to ask. Glancing past your head and to your brother, Lily waited for Regulus' nod of agreement before turning back and speaking. "You don't have to agree with this if you don't want to but we believe it'll be better if you tell someone else about this." She hesitantly explained, referring to the enchanted tattoo on your arm. But to her surprise you said nothing, not even a grumble to suggest you'd heard.

You, on the other hand, did hear what Lily said but you found yourself replaying her words on repeat in your head. One of the many new thoughts now plagueing your mind. You were tempted, you really were, but you weren't sure if you could go through with it. What if your house saw you as weak for running to a teacher? Or if Dumbledore didn't see it as a concern? What about your parents? It was bad enough without your brothers in the house, what if they discovered this and kicked you out for being another failure? What about the Death Eaters that kept a close eye on you? If they were to find out they would probably torture you. You'd have no chance. What about-

"Y/n?" You heard your brother say, silencing the mad rush of thoughts as you snapped out of it. He noticed the dazed look on your face but didn't think much of it as he repeated what he'd just said. "We could go to Dumbledore or even Professor Slughorn if you wish. He's always open-minded?" He said hopefully but it only seemed to tick you off.

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