(Request) Secrets- Regulus

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Requested by: drac0mafloy123

Request: Hi, I love your writing. Would I be able to request a Regulus Black x reader. Where the reader is friends with the Marauders but she is secretly dating Regulus and then they all find out somehow.

A.N: I'm so sorry for the late update, I have no clue where the days have gone.

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Secrets. You were terrible at them. Couldn't keep them to save your life and everyone knew it. But somehow you managed to keep this one.

You and Regulus have been dating for some time now and no one suspects a thing. Not even your friends, the Marauders. And not even Regulus' brother, Sirius. There were moments when you thought the boys did work out your little secret relationship, however, it turned out to be nothing more then a close call. Afterall the group were use to you hanging out with Regulus, so why would they really suspect anything else?

Walking hand in hand with Regulus, you two were in the middle of a conversation when Sirius came bounding down the hallway upon seeing you both. Immediately Regulus dropped your hand. A small frown showing itself on your face for no longer then a split second before your boyfriend opened his mouth. "Brother." Regulus spoke with a nod as the older Black came to a stop in front of you both.

You graced a smile as you too said hello to him. "Hey Siri." You said softly. Regulus gave you a quick side glance before turning back to his brother.

"You're looking awfully happy today Sirius. You finally managed to get Severus back for that spell?" Regulus commented, raising an eyebrow slightly. Secretly wanting to know if his brother had seen you two holding hands or not. You were thinking the same. Thankfully he didn't and so you both sighed in relief when he didn't questioned it.

"I wish." Sirius said with a chuckle. "No, I'm here because I have a propersition for you both." He grinned.

You tilted your head, furrowing your eyebrows. "Go on."

"The guys and I are hosting a little celebratory party tomorrow night up in the Gryffindor Tower and we'd like it if you both came."

"How does that not surprise me?" You smirked, Regulus looking at you and smirking as well.

"I guess that's what happens when Gryffindor wins Quidditch." Your boyfriend added making you laugh. Sirius just shook his head at the comments.

"So what do you say, you both coming?"

Glancing to Regulus, both of you mentally deciding your answer, you nodded in unison as you turned back to face your friend. "We'll be there." Regulus confirmed.

"Awesome!" He cheered. "It starts at 7pm." With that Sirius spun on his heel and bounded back off down the hall. The moment you both lost him in the crowd of students at the far end of the corridor you both turned back to each other.

"That was close." You breathed, laughing to yourself. Regulus held the same expression.

"Too close." He laughed, holding his hand out for you to take. You graciously accepted and took ahold of his hand as you both went back to walking down the corridor again.


The following day, now with the build up to the party later this evening, was anything but exciting. Normally you and Regulus can sneak off to pretty much any part of the castle at any given point to relax in each others company without the fear of being seen. But not today. No, today it didn't matter where you two were there was always atleast one of your friends nearby. You knew deep down it was completely coincidental but at the same time you couldn't help but wonder if the boys were secretly using that enchanted map of theirs to keep tabs.

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