(Request) Party Like No One's Watching- Sirius

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Requested by: KagsProperty123456

Request: Hey I was wondering if I could make a request? You can use y/n or my name Angelina idk if you need to use pronouns or not but I go by she/her. But could you make it where I'm dating Sirius and I'm like the 5th Marauder so I think of the others are like my brothers. But I'm in the common room and I'm like singing and dancing around to like a Queen song thiniking I'm alone but the boys walk in and just watch me in awe surprised bc none of them knew I could sing and I don't notice them and Sirius is just looking at me in awe and full of love. You can use your imagination for the most part, you don't need to do this but I thought this would be cute.

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A.N: I'm not a 100% sure on this one but regardless I hope you enjoy it.


Angelina was bored. It was currently Friday afternoon and she had the whole common room to herself. It being her free period and all. Everyone else, however, weren't so lucky and were all still stuck in their lessons. For her boyfriend, Sirius, and the rest of her little gang, the Marauders, it was Muggle Studies and she knew they'd come out of that lesson grumbling about how boring it is. But until then Angelina has an hour in which to keep herself occupied. Normally the Gryffindor didn't find a problem with it and can endure the hour without a hitch but today seemed to be the exception.

Today, Angelina had already completed the mundane activities that she'd usually spend her free period doing. That being; catching up with homework, re-reading her transfiguration book, going over any essay she had to proof read before handing in- if there were an essay to do that with, or simply just cleaning up her dorm a little. But instead, she found herself reading a muggle celebrity magazine Lily had left lying around down here from this morning. And in all honestly she was barely paying attention to the articles her eyes were scanning over.

Flicking the page, Angelina huffed. "This hour is dragging." She thought in annoyance. It was like when she took her O.W.Ls last year and the clock, despite ticking at a regular and standard pace, didn't appear to be moving at all whenever she glanced up at it.

Growing bored Angelina threw her head back, allowing it to flop over the arm of the sofa. She wasn't entirely sure why but her eyes for some reason spotted Remus' gramophone in the corner and fixated on it. The boys' having used it yesterday evening when Sirius brought down some of his records and insisted Remus allowed him to play the records on it. Angelina found herself smiling as the memory replayed in her mind.

And that's when an idea came to mind. She could use the gramophone to help pass the time.

It was wonderful idea if she said so herself. Smiling triumphantly to herself, Angelina got up off the sofa and skipped over to where Remus had stored his gramophone the night before. Taking a moment to admire the record player, Angelina then carefully pulled it forward so it wasn't as hidden.

Now she just needed to decide what she wanted to listen to.

David Bowie. Led Zeppelin. Fleetwood Mac. Queen. The Who. Blondie. The options where endless as she scanned the shelves of vinyls the boys and her had made back in third year when they grew bored of researching about becoming Animagi. As if her fingers and subconscious were one in the same, they came to an automatic stop on one of the various vinlys. It was Queen. The band's self titled debut album. It was also the album which brought her and Sirius together and bonded over during their third year.

Deciding with that one, Angelina wasted no time in sliding the black vinyl out of its sleeve and gently putting it place on the gramophone. Dropping the needle and turning the volume up, she stepped back as the vinyl began to spin. The static sound of the music beginning to play, filling her with peace before relaxing and bopping along to the beat of the music.


"Keep yourself alive, yeah." Angelina sang as the record was now playing for the second time round. "Keep yourself alive." She continued, jumping up to stand on the sofa. Not a care in the world.

"Ooh, it'll take you all your time and money. Honey you'll survive." She went on. The sofa became her stage as she pranced around on it, throwing her hands around to add to the effect of pretending to be her own version of Freddie Mercury.

As she broke into the second verse, she jumped around on the sofa so her body was facing away from the common room door. This meant that when the boys came wondering in, Angelina didn't hear or see them so continued without realising. Although talking to begin with, grumbling about their lesson, the Marauders immediately silenced themselves upon hearing Angelina sing... and using the sofa as her own personal stage.

"What the..." James trailed off, in utter confusion yet finding it mildly amusing. Angelina, much like Remus, is usually the more senseable and mature one so to see the fifth Marauder prancing around and singing like the world isn't watching was entertaining to say the least.

"Is that my...?" Remus then questioned, gesturing to his gramophone, realising what Angelina was playing the music on. "It is! She's using my gramophone."

Peter glanced up at Remus, smiling, before making his own comment. "You have to admit though, Angelina does have a good voice." He said gaining the same agreeing look from both James and Remus.

"She does, doesn't she." They added. Remus calming down slightly from seeing Angelina using his record player without his permission.

Sirius on the otherhand, couldn't keep his eyes off her. She were mesmerising. Her voice, her dancing, everything. Sirius was so full of love and awe in watching her, that he felt like a first year seeing their crush for the first time. James noticed this and stifled a laugh. "She's playing our record." Sirius said dreamily, still unable to take his eyes of his girlfriend.

"Close your mouth Pads." James laughed, nudging him but Sirius didn't react which only made all three of the boys laugh. This time, however, because the second time around of 'Keep Yourself Alive' had come to an end, Angelina heard the boys laugh which caused her to snap out of her careless trance. Screaming, she jumped off the sofa.

Clutching her chest, she looked at them. "Merlin's beard, don't do that!" She commented, taking deep breaths to help calm herself down. The boys continued to laughed. "Do you not knock?" She said, forgetting just where abouts in the Gryffindor Tower she was.

Peter gave her a confused yet funny look. "Ange, it's our common room." He paused. "We don't need to knock."

Baffled by the response, despite being right, Angelina stared at him, unable to think of anything besides the first word that came to mind. "Still." She shrugged, waving him off as Peter continued to laugh but then she caught sight of the look on James' face. "What?" She dared ask.

"Nice singing." He said plainly, smirking at her while folding his arms over his chest.

"And dancing." Remus added. Sirius was still silent.

"Shove off you too." But James continued.

"No, no, seriously, I can see it now. Angelina, the new face of Queen." He laughed, using his hands to indicate the imaginary headline. "And Sirius as your roadie."

Upon hearing his name, Sirius shook his head, pulling himself out of his love induced trance. "Hey!" He grumbled, glaring at his friends before walking over to where Angelina stood. "I loved your singing... and dancing." He muttered in a matter of factly tone while pulling her into a hug. Angelina couldn't help but to blush as she became embarrassed.

"Don't go all shy on me now, love." Sirius joked, pulling away to see her now red face as Angelina attempted to hide herself in his chest. "Come on." Smiling, Sirius took ahold of his girlfriend's hand as he pulled her back on to the sofa. The pair now standing on top of the piece of furniture like Angelina was before.

"Prongs, turn the volume up." He called with a grin. The boys all seeming to know where he was going with this. "Let's get this party started!" He yelled as James used his wand to turn the volume up even louder.

Without even having to question it, James, Peter and Remus all took to the surrounding floor space of the sofa. Joining in with Sirius and Angelina as they all began to sing and dance to the music like no one was watching.

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