(Request) Bad Reputation- Sirius

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Requested by: jxndyyarxella

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Requested by: jxndyyarxella

Request: Can you do Y/N being a player from Ilvermony that basically played every student there (yep, bi/pan). She's new student at Hogwarts and everyone including Sirius had a crush on her, the Marauders found out about her bad reputation in Ilvermony and tried to warn Sirius but he was already heartbroken after seeing you shagging his brother/another guy?

Warning: Swearing

A.N: I've altered this slightly but hope you like it nonetheless.

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News travels fast, especially in a school like Hogwarts.

You were the new student. Transferred freshly from Ilvermony. However you were different from what everyone expected. You weren't a push over. You didn't take any crap from anyone and you very much knew what you wanted.

Much like your time spent at Ilvermony before transferring, you somehow managed to get everyone- student wise- to like you. You'll admit it took you moment to get use to it as you weren't use this type of attention despite being one of the popular kids, but you quickly adjusted and began using it to your advantage. Hogwarts was no different.

Your reputation, as bad as it may be, followed you across seas and you were relishing in it to say the least. Everyone, more so the younger students, hung off your every word, followed you around the castle like lost puppies, insisting on taking and/or carrying your bag and books for you. You had them all wrapped around your little finger just like before and you loved it.

That's how you met Sirius. Although you met his friends first.

It was probably one of the only times since joining Hogwarts where you didn't have a possy of students waiting eagerly for you outside one of your lessons. It was odd. Definately something you aren't use to. Instead, however, were three boys. The Marauders. You know who they are because some of the girls who trail after you before Transfiguration were talking about them. Explaining how reckless yet amazing they are. You rolled your eyes. They can't be that amazing.

No, you obviously caught them on a bad day as the moment you stepped out of your lesson and out of habit handed James your bag saying, "Here, carry this for me." He instantly dropped it to the floor. His friends taking a step back from you. James gave a disgusted look.

"Who do you think we are? Your fucking servents?" He hissed, looking you up and down.

You weren't use to this type of confrontation and so raised an eyebrow. "Wake up on the wrong side of the bed did we?" You shot back, copying him in looking him up and down. He didn't like it.

Taking a step foward, James stood inches from your face. "I don't know what you think you're playing at here new girl but this isn't Ilvermony. We aren't your personal slaves." You laughed.

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