(Request) Lost For Words- Sirius

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Request: Hi can you do one where y/n is Lily's little sister and Sirius likes her? or something like that

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The first four years of your life at Hogwarts has been great. You have met and become friends with some the most amazing people imaginable and even taken part in activities you didn't think were possible. Like Quidditch for example. That game still somewhat blows your mind, even now. However despite all of this, no one was quite as interesting to you then one of your sister's friends. Sirius Black. He was someting else. He intrigued you more then anything but to whether you had feelings for him was something undecided. But what you didn't know was that to him you were the definition of beauty.

Lily hadn't realised this until the week before summer started when James and Remus let the cat out the bag with Sirius' crush on you. She laughted it off, of course, not taking it very seriously. But that changed when, throughout the course of the summer, she began to notice your interest in him. It was never anything major and you never outright said you liked him but she knew you had feelings even if you weren't sure yourself. What gave it away was how many times you seemed to mention his name or work it into the subject of the conversation. Which also annoyed your older sister, Petunia, not that you particularly noticed it nor cared.

But now it was the start of the new year, your fifth year, which meant your interest in Sirius and his love for you was about to be thrown into the spotlight.

Arriving at platform 9¾, you and Lily said your goodbyes to your parents before boarding the Hogwarts Express. Before Lily could say anything about you joining her compartment with the Marauders, you'd already chosen to sit with your friends down the other end.

"I'll see you at the feast?" You stated but it came out as more of a question. Lily nodded.

"See you then, Y/n/n." She smiled. With that you both parted ways. Going to either end of the carriage.


You were with the company of your friends for the best part of the train journey. Enjoying the thrilling stories they shared with you about what they got up to over the summer. Yours were never as exciting as their stories but neither of you minded. You were just happy to be spending time with them again.

Just as one of your friends got to the climatic part in their story, someone knocked on the compartment door. It was a sixth year prefect. You, personally, didn't recognise them but you suspect Lily would.

"Hey, just to let you lot know we'll be arriving in Hogsmeade within the hour." They informed, to which you four nodded. Thanking the prefect for letting you know. Closing the door again, the prefect moved on to the next compartment as your friends all agreed now would be the best time to change into their school robes.

Unlike your friends, however, you never saw the point in changing into your robes while on the train as you much preferred doing it once you got to your dorm. So as usual you were left in the compartment alone as they went to get changed. Again you didn't mind, you were use to it now.

Munching on some sweets you got from the trolley lady earlier, you watched the passing scenery. Slowly zoning out. Despite the long train journey you had to endure you were content with the beautiful views from just outside the window.

"Nice view, isn't it?" Came a voice, which pulled you out of the little daze. Turning to see who spoke, you were much suprised as to who it was. It was Sirius. You didn't even hear him open the door. Regardless, a smile graced your lips as your face lit up in delight.

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