(Request) The Woman Said No- Remus

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Requested by: Marvelfan_shesh

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Requested by: Marvelfan_shesh

Request: Can u do pls: You walk down the hallways in Hogwarts and some boys trying to flirt with you and you feel very uncomfortable, until the boys drag you into an empty classroom and try to touch you until Remus came in and got you out of there. He asked you if everything was ok and when you said that you are fine he doesn't believe you and kissed you. Then Sirius, James and Peter came up and grinned at each other as they then cleared their throats and you and Remus both went red as a tomato and smiled at each other. PS DO THIS

Warning: Attempted sexual assault?

A.N: If this seems in any way choppy or confusing, I really sorry. It might not and it might just be me but if it is, I'm truely sorry. I am very much sleep deprieved right now.


Normally you have no problem at walking down the corridors, busy or quiet, you had the confidence of a thousand men but not today. Today, you walked with a little hesitance in your step. Clutching the couples of books you took out from the library to your chest. For the past couple of days you've had the same group of boys watching you whenever you passed them.

It was unnerving to say the least.

They've even up the ante over the past couple of days and have begun flirting with you. Now, normally this wouldn't be an issue, you're use to people giving you flirtatious comments, but with this particular group of boys it's not quite the same. All their comments do is make you uncomfortable. But usually you have at least one , if not, all of the Marauders with you, which is perfect as it keeps the boys at bay to some degree but, again, today's different. Today, the Marauders aren't here to protect you.

Today you're alone.

"Hey look, here she comes." You hear one of them call not too far from you. You internally groan, rolling your eyes as you take a deep breath.

"You can do this." You mumble to yourself. "Just have to walk past them. It's easy." If only it were that easy.

As you closed the distance between you and the boys, you quicked your pace wanting to be past them already, as one of them wolf whistled at you. How cliché. Not giving them the satisfaction, you kept your head low, your gaze solely fixated on the cobbled flooring of the corridor.

"Oh come on beautiful." Another pouted. "Don't be like that."

Out of the corner of your eye you could make out one of the boys nudging his friends. "Dude, she's playing hard to get. She totally loves this." He laughed, looking from his friend to you. You sighed. You really weren't. You just wanted them to leave you alone.

Continuing with walking past them, your eyes betrayed you as they flicked up, catching the gaze of the boys as they smirked at you, looking you up and down. You were quick to avert your eyes again but not without sending them an uneasy look.

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