(Request) Reasons- Regulus' Daughter

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Requested by: rexy4evr

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Requested by: rexy4evr

Request: Can I make a request where Harry is being a jerk to Luci because he's in Gryffindor and she yells at him and says "Your father is the reason my mother is dead!" Then Regulus and Dimitry give Harry the death glare as they show him what his father did to Luci's mum.

A.N: I struggled to write this one for some reason, I have to admit, but I hope you like it nonetheless.


Up until recently, Luci had been good friends with Harry, the pair being quite the troublesome duo, but now? The boy didn't even want to know her. Now all Harry did was make passing comments or throw an insult or two towards her. Which was low even for him. Especially when the boy's not given a definitive reason as to why. Everyone expected this kind of behaviour between Harry and Draco, the pair having an unnecessary amount of bad blood, but no one comtemplated it happening between Harry and Luci. Never.

Ron and Hermione did their best to try and console Luci, Hermione more so. Trying to justify and reason to why Harry was acting this way but it didn't help, not really. In fact it only made Luci feel worse.

Muttering something inaudible to the two Gryffindors, Luci left. Turning and making her way back to the Dungeons, to the Slytherin common room. Once there the young Black hoped for some form of solice, an escape from her new set of worries, but it was all ruined when her cousin saw her enter the common room.

He smirked, sitting up properly. "Fallen out with Potter?" Draco questioned in a patronising voice. Luci just clentched her jaw as she chose to ignore him. Her mood was going from upset to annoyed pretty quickly. Draco scoffed at her silence. "It's about time, if you ask me. I don't know why you two ever became friends in the first place."

This just seemed to top it.

Spinning on her heel, Luci glared at him. An expression which faltered Draco's cocky expression for a brief moment. "But I didn't ask you, did I?" She posed, looking him up and down. Draco just watched her. "No, so mind your own damn business for a change."

Not waiting for Draco to respond with anything, Luci turned back around and left. Heading to her dorm. Kicking the door open in frustration, she walked in before using her wand to close and lock the door behind her.

She just wanted to be left alone.


It's been a couple of hours since Luci locked herself in her dorm, wanting to be away from people. And quite frankly, she hasn't moved from the position on her bed either. She didn't want to move. Being in the confining spaces of her dorm made her feel safe. Made it as though her troubles were non existent. Even if for a little while.

Soon enough though, the thoughts of Harry's actions came back, disturbing the girl's peace and forcing her to sit up on her bed. A sigh escaped her. "What to do..." She mumbled to herself, glancing around the room. Tapping her fingers on the duvet, she sat there for a moment going over her options. She didn't want to disturb her friends as they would be at one of their clubs. Ron and Hermione are no doubt with Harry and she sure as hell isn't going to go to her cousin, not after how she snapped at him eariler. So her only option left, really, were her dad and godfather but they'd be arriving at the school any time now to have a meeting with Professor Dumbledore.

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