(Request) Rebel Love Song- Sirius

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Requested by: JulzLovDraco4Eva

Request: Hi may I have a Harry Potter imagine please
Character: Young Sirius Black
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Pure blood
Y/n traits: Brave, sometimes shy, but afraid when it comes to her feeling.
Extra: James is very over protective of his twin sister Y/n when it comes to boys asking her out since her last boyfriend broke her heart and broke up with her.
Plot: Y/n Potter is James' twin sister and friends with the Marauders since 1st year. Throughout the years Y/n got feelings for Sirius Black, her best friend Lily told her not to reveal her feelings to him because he is known around the school as the dangerous Marauder also known as the bad boy of the group.
Everyday she tried to her best to hide her feelings but during lunch one day Y/n got given a note by a fellow Gryffindor telling Y/n to meet her at the tree near the Black lake, Lily told her not to go cause it might be a trick and doesn't want her best friend hurt, but Y/n said she would be fine and went.
When she got there she noticed it was Sirius, she started to panic thinking it was a trick until Sirius cornered herand apologised for pulling all his pranks on her and it was only because he liked her and she then revealed her feelings for him and he asked her to be his girlfriend and she agreed. Once they got back to the Gryffindor common room, the Marauders and Lily saw them holding hands, they all accepted their relationship, even Lily but James being her twin brother looked angrily at Sirius and questioned him about dating his twin sister and being not dangerous around her and Sirius promised to never hurt ever and how much he loves her and they kissed after James approved their relationship.
(Sorry it's long you don't have to use all of that if you don't want to I just wanted to share all the info so you got the aim I was going for)
I would love read this, hope you like it and can do it.

A.N: I hope I've ticked everything you wanted and that you like this!

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Your closest friends warned you it was a bad idea and your anxiety hightened at the meer thought of the feelings you had developed but you just couldn't help it. You had fallen for Sirius Black. The unpredicable bad boy of your brother's group, the Marauders.

The feelings had begun back in second year, fully blossomed by fourth and now you were in your sixth. Lily, your best and most trusted friend, was the only person to know of these feelings and ever so often would remind you not to reveal them to Sirius as it was a bad idea. You've never even had the courage to admit the crush to James, your twin brother. But the feelings weren't made easy either by the fact Sirius lives with you and James and has the tendency to pull a prank or two on you every couple of weeks. And yesterday was the last straw for Lily.

"The boy bewitched your quill to explode with ink, how can you possibly still like him?" Lily asked accusingly, bringing up the prank from yesterday as you continued to look to the floor.

"I-I don't know." You shrugged uncertainly, stumbling over your words as you thought about your feelings. "Despite the pranks the feelings are still there. I'm not exactly in control of who my heart likes." You defended, your voice coming out quieter then expected. Lily looked at you before sighing.

"I know." She agreed. "I just- I worry, what with Sirius' reputation and your past experiences, I just don't want you to get hurt again."

She had a point, you've not quite been the same since your ex broke your heart and left you during fifth year and Sirius among other things has the reputaton of being the dangerous Marauder. "Yeah." You mumbled as you both continued to walk down one of the many corridors on your way to the Hall. "Can we talk about something else?" You asked, wanting to change the subject so you didn't have to think about you feelings. Lily nodded.

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