(Request) You Are In Love- Sirius

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Requested by: AnastasiaLuoiv

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Requested by: AnastasiaLuoiv

Request: Can I request a sort of slow burn best friends to lovers with Sirius as the love interest? Awesome! I don't really have specifics for this request you can do as you please with it but can you please make the reader Slytherin and in the same age as the Marauders and can you just age up Regulus so that's he's the same age as them. Also can you remove death eaters, blood supremacy, and Voldemort, please?

Song used: "You Are In Love" by Taylor Swift.


Time moved too fast

You and Sirius were equally close as best friends as Sirius was with James, if not more. However, unlike Sirius' friendship with James, you had been best friends with the older Black brother since you were both around the age of six. Which James respected fully.

You'll admit, you're a little fuzzy on the details of how your friendship initially began but you remember the feeling. That feeling of pure understanding- that click- which brought you two together as if it were meant to be. As if you're both two sides of the same coin.

Light-hearted joke
No proof, not much
But you saw enough

You two did everything together which... confused a lot of the younger students who, to your amazement, believed you two to be dating. After all you two do have the habit of looping arms with each other for no obvious reason.

You remember Sirius being more flabbergasted then you initially were. "Y/n and I? Dating? You're out of your mind. She's practically my sister, it would never work." You recall him saying as he called after a couple of second years who were trying to discreetly talk about it. Obviously not discreetly enough. When the second years turned to look at Sirius, his only response was to loop his arm with yours before making a tutting sound and pulling you off in the opposite direction down the corridor.

Due to the need of being in each other's company, it also meant you two were always doing some form of affection as well as platonic touching. If you weren't holding hands, then you were looping your arms together. If not that then it was resting your heads on each others shoulders in content or resting on each other in general. You weren't entirely sure on why you two did any of this, it just seemed to be natural to do so. That and neither of you seemed to complain about it.

Affection wise, it's grown over the years with each others' level of comfort. Giving each other a kiss on the forehead or temple when either of you have thought up something brilliant or when you're wishing each other good luck for whatever reason. Spontaneously hugging each other at any given time. Up for sharing beds with each other- it being something you've both done for years- when it's past curfew and don't want to get caught sneaking back to your own dorms. You remember the look on Remus, James and Peter's faces when they came back from a prank late one night to see you two cuddled up in Sirius' bed just drifting off. It definately caught them off guard.

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