(Request) Outta This World- The Marauders

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Requested by: SelinaClarke2

Request: Hey I have a idea for the Marauders book 2 where the reader is a shifter and is in singing at top of the astronomy tower (if only by Dove Cameron) while she was up there the Marauders followed her and when they heard her singing they were to shocked to stop her but when she finished shifting they hear her say "oh why did I have to be born in a different reality" and when they that Sirius being Sirius says "what do you mean different reality" the reader screams and says "Omg! How long have you been there" and Remus says "mostly the whole time but what did you mean different reality" and then the reader gets nervous and says "uh ha about that... oh god this is gonna be a long night" and then throughout the whole night she explaining that she from a different reality where she shifts to be here to escape her reality because it so shit and to meet the boys and Lily and Marlene and telling them that where your from is from a fictional book and movies and by the end of it the boys kind of get it and kinda shock you and you can add what you want.
Oh and the reader is in a relationship with Sirius and he kinda like say "ha you see lads my girl is from out of this world get it because she from a different reality"

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Ever since you found out about this magical world of witchcraft and wizardry, you've had your heart set on entering it. Whatever the cost. You weren't born with magic nor were your parents, in fact magic doesn't even exist in your reality- our reality- but that didn't stop you.

You've read all the books, watched all the movies, but out of all the aspects of the Wizarding World that were introduced to you by the books and movies, your favourite by far, was the Marauders Era. Prehaps it was the way the characters were written and portrayed, or maybe the fact so little is given about them that you found yourself coming up with your own little scenarios as to what you think the boys would get up to and what not. But whatever the reason, you found yourself drawn to the Marauders. So when you found out about reality shifting, you knew what you had to do.

It took months to master but with a lot of patience and will power to shift your subconscious, you did it. You finally shifted to the Wizarding World to be with the beloved Marauders and experience your life as a Hogwarts student.

That was seven months ago.

Now, fully able to shift and confident in doing so, you stood at the top of the Astronomy Tower, gazing out at the clear skies as the sun began to set. This was possibly one of the longest periods of time that you've spent in this reality. You weren't complaining but you knew you'd have to shift back eventally. Five days was your limit, at least that's what you'd scripted, and normally you abide by that, saying or doing whatever it is that makes you shift back but this time you didn't want to. This time you wanted to stay a little longer.

Your life in your reality wasn't a bad one but... it wasn't perfect nor ideal either. So with that, shifting became your little thing to do when you needed time out from your inperfect life. An escape. As you thought about shifting and how lucky you are to be able to do such a thing, a small smile found its way onto your lips as you thought about all the wonderful and amazing people you've been able to meet and date for that matter. And that's when your mind wondered to Sirius, your beloved boyfriend. You hadn't planned on dating him, you hadn't scripted it, or prehaps you did? But for whatever reason fate in this reality brought you two together and you couldn't be more happier.

But then the nagging thought of having to shift back and live a life where Sirius wasn't your boyfriend and the marauders weren't your closest friends. That's when the smile faded. Before you even knew what you were doing you began humming the tune of a song you find frequently stuck in your head. After a while you switched the humming for the actual words. "A million thoughts in my head. Should I let my heart keep listening. 'Cause up 'til now I've walked the line. Nothing lost but something missing." You began, keeping your voice quiet.

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