(Request) Innocent Love- Remus

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Requested by: Chanelypop

Request: Hi was hoping I could make a Marauders request. The reader is James' cousin, year younger then him. She goes to his house while the others are there and she becomes close to Remus. Months later something happens causing them to have an argument (maybe he curses a Slytherin for bullying her) where Remus blurts out he loves her and she shouts she's loves him too.

A.N: For context, Remus/the Marauders are in their fifth year. Y/n is in their fourth year

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In your opinon the best parts of the school year were the holidays, that being Christmas, Easter and the Summer. It wasn't that you disliked being at school, on the contrary you enjoyed it, you were a promising young student but getting to spend time with your cousin was what you enjoyed the most. You saw him during term time at school, yes, but it wasn't as much as you liked, being in the year below and all. So the holidays became what you looked forward too.

With your bag in hand and with your parents kissing you goodbye, telling you to have a good time, you stood in the unlit firepace of your family home. "Now remember, pronounce the words clearly." Your mother smiled. Your dad placing some green powder into your outstretched palm as you nodded.

Cleanching your fist back up you took a deep breath before speaking the address of James' house. Throwing the power onto the fireplace, green flames lit the small space up. The harmless flames consuming your body as you disappeared from your fireplace and reappearing instantanely in the Potter's fireplace.

James forgot you were travelling via the Floo Network and so wasn't expecting, not only the green flash and sounds of fire from the firepace, but for you to appear with an excited smile on your face. His friends were with him. You've seen them before around school and knew their names but, surprisingly, you've never spoken to them.

"Hi." You waved innocently as the boys all stood up. James and Sirius screaming upon hearing you talk.

"Merlin!" Sirius yelped. The other two boys just laughed.

"Didn't think I was that scary but okay." You commented with a shrug as you stepped out of the fireplace. You noticed Remus looking at you with an amused smile on his face, something that you smiled at. Having calmed down both James and Sirius looked to you.

"Forgot you were doing that." James admitted before calling out to his parents. "Mum? Dad? Y/n's here!" His parents responded with a quick 'okay' before getting back to whatever they were doing. Walking over to you, James pulled you into a hug. "I'm glad you're here, Y/n/n." He smiled, causing you to grin. Pulling out of the hug, James kept his arm wrapped around your shoulders as you both faced his friends. "Guys, this my cousin, Y/n. Y/n this is-"

You cut him off. "I know their names." You pointed out with a smile as you looked to him. The boys smirked. "I don't get to be your cousin and be at Hogwarts and not know who the Marauders are."

James nodded, seeming to agree with your responce before both him and Sirius gave proud smiles at the mention of their little group name. With a shake of his head Remus sighed at them both before turning to you. "You're in the year below us aren't you?" He asked making you nod.

"Yep." You smiled. "Fourth year Y/h/h."

After that, the five of you all lounged around James' living room laughing and joking at just about anything. You sitting between Peter and Remus. You didn't mind though because, for some reason, you found Remus rather interesting. He thought the same about you as well.

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