(Request) Traditions- Sirius

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Requested by: LaibaGaming

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Requested by: LaibaGaming

Request: Can you please do a Sirius Black x Indian reader in which the reader is Indian and she has a huge crush on Sirius but he is dating someone else and his girlfriend bullys the reader and makes fun of her culture and Sirius joins with her too which brokes her heart and she was going from some family issues too her father told her to get married after she graduates Hogwarts and also they are in their 7th year pleasee (love your stories you write so good.)

A.N: This is my first time writing something like this in terms of the reader's heritage, so if I've inadvertently caused offence or misinformed anything please let me know as it is not my intention and will correct it as soon as.
I'm really sorry for the late update, I was meant to upload this yesterday but work got in the way.


Love isn't something you can control. Everyone knows that. You know that. But that doesn't lessen the pain you feel whenever you see him with her. The boy you love, and could see yourself with, was painstakingly already taken. In a relationship with someone who doesn't value him as much as you do but he was too blinded with love to see it.

The boy? Sirius Black.

Your crush for the raven haired Gryffindor developed last year, during your sixth year, when Professor Slughorn paired you both together for an assignment. It was great. And for a while you thought, you were positive even, that he shared the same feelings for you too but that was proved wrong when you found out he'd fallen in love with none other then Veronica Shepard. A spiteful, self absorbed Ravenclaw who had nothing better to do then bully you for your ethnic background and traditions.

It broke your heart.

The boy you loved dating the girl you hated. It was cliché when you think about it but yet it seemed to fit them perfectly. They were both popular, granted for different reasons, but popular none the less.

Eating your breakfast with your friends, you watch the pair from afar. It made you sick to watch them act so lovingly with each other but unless Sirius saw her from your point of view you knew nothing would change. And unfortunately Veronica saw your envied look. She sent you daggers which forced you to avert your eyes, being pulled back to the conversation your friends where having.

Once finished with breakfast you and your friends got up to leave the hall, opting to go to lesson a little early. Veronica watching you as you left.


"Of course you'd be doing the homework already, Y/l/n." You heard Veronica's sarcastic voice from infront of you, walking towards the desk you were sat in the library. You ignored her, keeping your head low and buried in the books you'd gotten off the shleves. "I'm talking to you!" She sneered, snatching the quill from your hands to gain your attention the moment she reached your desk.

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