(Request) Just One Yesterday- Sirius

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Requested by: -FAIRYLATTE-

Request: Hello, can I request? Make it where we are the younger sister of Sirius and Regulus we have a good relationship until Sirius runs away from home and doesn't say goodbye then when entering school Sirius ignored me and Regulus. But one day Regulus and I got a letter from home that that we both have to become Death Eaters if we if we want Sirius to be safe. Then there was a rumour that we became death eaters and Sirius heard about it and became more and more bullying and hating both of us. And a year later Regulus and I went on a mission to swap horcruxes and we died. And the Ministry sent a letter about the news to Sirius and the reason we are Death Eaters. Then it continued when the Order of the Phoenix they saw a portrait of me and Sirius became guilty and told the story of me and Regulus.
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You've always looked up to your brothers. To you they were the coolest people on the planet, especially your eldest brother, Sirius. He was your idol. The person you wanted so desperately to be when you grew up. The three of you had a stronger bond then your cousins, Bella, Cissy and Andy and for that even they were jealous. However, the moment Sirius ran away, was the moment he was no longer your idol and your relationship with him was forever broken. It wasn't because he ran away but because he didn't say goodbye. Did he think that little of you? To say it hurt was an understatement, it truly broke your heart. You, yourself, only found out he'd ran away because you walked in on your mother removing his name from the family tree tapestry.

Not a single word. Not even a note. It broke you.

Refusing to believe that this happened and that Sirius would ever abandon you, you fell into the vicious trap of denial, which made returning to school that much harder. You thought if you saw him he'd be happy to see you and it would be like nothing had happened. As if he'd never run away without a goodbye. You thought you could call out his name and run into his arms in the middle of the corridor without a care in the world. But it was just a thought.

You were with Regulus when you saw him with James in the corridor. You waved happily at him and called his name but all you got in return was a half hearted look before he shrugged it off and walked off with James into the hall as if you hadn't called his name to begin with. You just stood there, disheartened. Regulus being the one to comfort you and keep you company. To pick up the pieces.

This went on for several weeks, Sirius chosing to actively ignore both you and Regulus whenever he saw you two about the castle. It was like you two didn't exist. This prompted you to give up on trying to talk to him. What was the use anyway? But then everything changed. You and Regulus recieved a letter from your parents that you both didn't want. That you didn't think you would ever get.

They wanted you to become Death Eaters. More specifically, they wanted you both to become Death Eaters if you valued the safety of Sirius. You thought it was an empty threat to start off with, something to get you two to follow their wishes but then you remembered how your parents worked. And lets just say everything went down hill from there.

News got out and rumours were spread about your initiations to become Death Eaters. How the news got out is something neither of you will ever find out however, it did cause alot of tension. That tenstion involving Sirius. "How could you two!" Came your older brother's voice as he marched across the courtyard to where you two were sat, his voice dripping with anger.

You glanced at him as Regulus spoke up. Both knowing exactly what he's talking about. "Don't start Sirius." Regulus tried. "You wouldn't understand."

"Oh wouldn't I?" Sirius spat sarcastically, throwing his hands up for added effect. You sighed. "It looks pretty obvious to me Reg. You're both bloody Death Eaters!" He said glancing between you both.

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