(Request) Sabotage- Sirius

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Requested by: whattthefeck

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Requested by: whattthefeck

Request: Hi! I have a request for the Marauders Imagines book.
Basically the reader (I don't mind if she's y/n or the name annie) doesn't like Sirius much due to a time in fourth year when he sabotaged her date due to having a crush on her (which he still has now). Since then she has found him 'annoying' and he has taken to teasing her about little things like her shorter height (this dynamic kinda based off me and my crush lol) or how he's older then her, something that during a lesson gets both of them a detention after they were jokingly arguing at the back.
In the detention she actually finds that he is really sweet and funny, resulting in her starting to like him again and him just realising that he still likes her (kind of one of those moments when it's like 'oh why did you sabotage the date')
('Because I kind of like you') after all these years since fourth year.
Then after a lot of him pestering for like weeks after the detention she finally agrees to go on a date with him

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Sirius Black. You hated him. He drove you crazy.

It wasn't because of who he is or the group he's apart of that caused your dislike but rather how petty and immature his is. Or was. You'll admit he isn't as bad as to what he was back in fourth year when this all began but you still don't like him. He still annoyed you.

Everyone's told you to get over it and accept his attitude but you refuse to. What he did back in fourth year still hurts and you'll be damned if you let it go until you at least get an apology from the boy. Call it old fashioned or just you being stubborn but that's just how you are.

Walking down the hallway, on your way to History of Magic, a groan escaped your lips when you heard his irritating voice call your name. "Y/n." He smirked, catching up with you before promptly slinging his arm over your shoulder.

You rolled your eyes.

"What do you want Black?" You grumbled, refusing to look at him. Sirius just laughed.

"Rude." He commented. "You know, that's no way to talk to someone whose older then you." He teased, knowing it'll get a rise out of you.

"Please, your older by 5 months." You shot back, shrugging his arm off. "Anyway, don't you have somewhere else to be? Like walking with your own group of friends to History of Magic."

Letting his arm drop to his side, Sirius watched you for a moment before shaking his head. "No, they already left. Besides you're more fun to hang out with."

"More like annoy." You scoffed.

Not wanting to hear another word from him, not that it would stop him, you picked up your pace to walk in front of him the rest of the way.

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