(Request) Too Late?- Remus

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Requested by: EightWeasley

Request: Hii idk if ur still taking requests but maybe an imagine of Remus and the reader? Lets say that the reader is in Gryffindor and she constantly tries to talk to Remus ever so often because they like him but Remus always acts annoyed, then one day they overheard Remus saying how annoyed he is of them then the next day the reader finds Remus asking out another girl and the reader realizes they don't stand a chance so she stops trying to get his attention. But then Remus notices and kinda misses them a bit.
Then he breaks things off with the girl he asks out because he realizes he doesn't really like her, he only asked her out because she was pretty on the eyes but when he realized she was the complete opposite of the reader he knew he made a mistake.

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You always thought that being sorted into the same House as someone you had feelings for meant that you'd stand a better chance at them reciprocating the feelings. But that didn't seem to be the case. You'll admit, it was a backwards logic to have to begin with but it was the one that your brain seemed to be programmed to.

The person this logic revolved around was Remus lupin, the bookish, intelligent Marauder, who you've like for some time now but the feelings were very much one sided. Made evident with how Remus reacts to you whenever he hears your voice.

Take today for example.

Walking down the corridor, books in hand, you spotted Remus standing just outside the Transfiguration classroom with his friends. They were in a deep conversation. Feeling calm about this, a smile gracing your lips, you opened your mouth to speak the moment you were close enough.

"Hey Remus." You smiled, the casualness of the words making yourself known. Sirius, James and Peter were the ones who turned first, they all smiled at you. "Guys." You nodded.

"Hey Y/n." The three replied in unison. Remus, however, just looked over his shoulder at you, giving you as little acknowledgement as he could.

"What?" He spoke sharply, his eyes cold as he stared at you. The obvious annoyance he felt with you speaking to him, clear across his face. Your smile faulted a little at the look he was sending your way.

"I- I was just saying hello. Is that wrong?" You stammered, unsure of why he was acting like this. The boys all furrowed their eyebrows at you before looking their fellow Marauder. Not even they knew of their friend's behavour towards you.

"No, it's not wrong, I'm just not in the mood for your cheery tone." He explained like it was nothing. You just stared at him. This wasn't the first time he's said something along these lines and you expect it wont be the last. However, normally you get further into the conversation then this.

Nodding your head with how awkward Remus' annoyed gaze was making you, you spoke. "Okay- well I'm just going to go then. Catch you guys later." You muttered, already beginning to back back. The last sentence being directed to Sirius, James and Peter.

"I think that's wise." Remus mocked coldly before turning back round.

Looking to the boys for one last glance, they all gave you a sorrowful smile. "See you later." James replied in a more concerning tone. Peter then asking if you want him to walk with you but you declined. It would only add the invisble list of reasons to why Remus finds you annoying.

Without anything further to say you sighed, turning around and heading back down the corridor from once you came. There was no use.

The days that followed played out the same. You speak in Remus' direction, he gets annoyed and tells you to go away. It was almost expected at this point. But that didn't stop the hurt he made you feel on a regular basis. You cared for him and you were really trying but the Marauder just didn't want to know.

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