(Request) Best Birthday Ever- Marauders

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Requested by: Demi-Girl2007

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Requested by: Demi-Girl2007

Request: Heyyyyy! So my birthday is in a few days on the 27th so I was wondering if you could do a birthday themed imagine for that? Maybe like where y/n is sad because her family forgot her birthday but all of the Marauders (with remus or sirius being her boyfriend) join together and give her a party? Thank u!

Warning: Swearing (like one swear word)

A.N: Some good news; requests are back open. For how long, I'm not sure, but for the meantime they're back open. I'm also aiming at releasing a chapter a week so it's a little more predicable then it has been recently.


Today was suppose to be a happy day but it was anything but. Today's your birthday and you were currently spending it sat at the Y/h/h table doing nothing but eating your breakfast alone. Your boyfriend and friends having yet to return from their full moon adventure. Mail had been and gone and you recieved nothing from your family. Not a single letter. Had they forgotten? Surely not. You were one of two children and they loved you greatly. But the ever increasing abandonment of your birthday is putting your doubt into certainty.

Having just finished the last of your food, you pushed the plate away from you before standing up with the intent on leaving the hall when laughter sounded from the entrance. You knew that laughter anywhere. It was the boys.

A small smile graced your lips as you turned to look at them. Remus, your boyfriend, catching your stare immediately as if he was already looking at you. "Y/n!" James called when Remus nudged his shoulder to point to where you are. The others smiled and waved as they all made their way down the hall to you.

"Hey guys." You greeted quietly, the moment the four were within earshot of you.

Remus smiled but picked up on the odd sadness you were trying so hard not to express but before he could say anything, Sirius spoke up. "Happy Birthday, Y/n." He grinned, shoving a box into your hands. "Sorry we're late, we had to go back to our dorm to get these." He explained as James and Peter copied Sirius in handing you their presents, despite standing on the other side of the table. "Loverboy here, wouldn't let us go otherwise."

You couldn't help but to laugh, placing the presents down on the table before turning to your boyfriend. "This true?" You questioned to which Remus smirked.

"Yeah..." He admitted, rubbing the back of his head before handing you his present. "Here." He said joining you as you all sat down at the table. "Happy birthday, love." He added, leaning in and kissing your cheek.

You muttered your thanks prior to opening the gifts, much to the boys' happiness. Remus watched with interest at your reaction to the gifts. James got you another copy of your potions textbook and notebook after he accidently burnt yours last week from the potion he was attempting to brew. Sirius got you a bag of your favourite collection of honeyduke sweets after you let slip at how much you like them. Peter's gift you found was immensly thoughtful as it was a handknitted scarf in your house colours.

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