(Request) Wolf Bite- Remus

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Requested by: Sarah_Black8

Request: Hello! I really like your writing. I'm wondering if I could have a request. (Young) Remus x reader. The reader is in Gryffindor, and she is Sirius' sister. She is Remus' girlfriend, and she doesn't know about his "furry little problem". So when the boys go out she follows them, and Remus bites her, and she will be a werewolf. She doesn't want to tell Remus but he will find out. (A little bit of an angst) but after that Remus will help her on full moons, and he will be with her no matter what. Thank you. Have a great day!

Warning: Mentions of blood and detail of injury.

A.N: Hope you like it and sorry it's taken a while.
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Curiosity. That was your main flaw. Your parents always told you it was your main strength, blabbering on about it being a Black trait and normally you would believe them, thinking the same but today it would be your flaw. It was the full moon and again your brother, boyfriend and their two other friends would be sneaking out close to curfew.

You don't normally read much into things, or at least try not to anyway, but for the past several months you've picked up on the fact the Marauders always sneak out close to curfew on a full moon. James always with his invisibility cloak and Peter always with a spare change of clothes. Then the following morning the four would turn up to breakfast absolutely shattered. Which then prompted Remus, your boyfriend, to almost fall asleep in whatever would be your first lesson.

Again, you tried not to read much into it as whatever the boys chose to spend their nights doing is their business but it did peak your interest. But at the same time it's not the weirdest thing you've known the boys to do as for all you know it could some full moon prank on the first years or something. With them anything is possible but today you were curious to find out exactly what.

Sitting by the fire in the common room, you were just finishing off your homework when the boys came bounding down the staircase from their dorm. As expected James had his cloak in his hands and Peter had a spare change of clothes. Sirius saw you on the sofa first and so smiled. "Hey Y/n." He called. You looked over and smiled. "Bye Y/n." He quickly added. Typical.

"Wait hang on." You called, standing up from the sofa and walking over to them. "It's almost curfew where are you guys going?" You questioned, your curiosity now kicking in. It was worth a shot. Your eyes then flicked towards Remus who couldn't keep complete eye contact with you. It was like he was embarrassed. You've never noticed that before and this made you concerned. Furrowing your eyebrows at him you went to speak, to question him, but James stepped in as Remus looked away.

"We're setting up a prank in the dungeons." He said vaguely but you still weren't buying it. That would explain the use of the cloak but not the change of clothes.

"Okay but-"

"It's fine Y/n/n." Remus began as he moved out from behind James, trying his best to not look so embarrassed. "We'll be back in no time, you don't need to worry." He reassured, offering you the best smile he could muster.

You still weren't sure whether you bought their excuse or not but you nodded regardless. "Okay." You breathed as you stepped forward, engulfing Remus in a hug. "Just be careful."

"We will." He murmured into your hair, hugging you back. Looking over your shoulder you saw your brother wiggling his eyebrows at you while smirking, you just flipped him off. This just made him gasp.

"Rude." He commented as Remus let you go, you all turning to look at him. "Besides, where's my hug?"

You rolled your eyes, giving Sirius a smirk. "I love you Siri but you smell so I'll pass."

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