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It doesn't matter what you do, what you attempt to ask, Sirius Black just won't say yes. He always rejects. Always says no. You've given him compliments, learnt his favourite songs and bands, found out his hobbies besides pranking and you've even found out which classes are his favourite. And that's not even including the handful of times you've walked right up to him and gotten straight to the point with asking him out. You've done everything you can think of to get close to him but the answer is always the same. No. What's worse is that because of your millions of attempts at flirting and asking him out, everyone including Sirius is aware of your feelings. It truly broke your heart and dampened your mood perminately. After all why wouldn't it?

Your friends, Regulus, Severus and the other three Maraudes, have found you on countless occasions around the castle crying your eyes out. Not because Sirius hurt your feelings but because of how frustrating each rejection was becoming. Despite this, you tried to keep your small breakdowns for the privacy of the Slytherin Common Room where Regulus and Severus would help comfort you.

But out of everything, Sirius not telling you the reason for why he's constantly rejecting you hurt and annoyed you the most. Did he not like you? Where you trying too hard? No, that's not it. You weren't as persistant with asking him out as James is with Lily. Did he not like the fact you're in Slytherin? That thought lingered the most. It must be what else would it be? Now your friends would tell you differently, that the reason for Sirius' constant rejection has nothing to do with your house but you couldn't help but believe that it was. There was nothing else that it could be... at least in your mind.

As the weeks past, the more tired you became at holding out hope for Sirius to say yes. So soon you stopped altogether. Soon you closed your heart off from him and tried moving on. You've been on several dates and spoken to several more people but it just wasn't the same. They were good, really pleasent people don't misunderstand but... they just weren't Sirius. It frustrated you. Why couldn't he just say yes?

However, despite your frustration and unhappiness, what you weren't aware of was the fact that Sirius would feel a pang of jealously every time he saw you with another person. A jealously that he wasn't aware of until Regulus and James pointed it out to him. "I'm not jealous!" Sirius would say in annoyance whenever his brother or best friend would point the feeling out. "Y/n can see or date whoever she wants."

"Then why do you go off in a mood whenever you see her with someone?" Regulus would repsond, raising an eyebrow. Hiding the anger he held for Sirius for hurting your feelings. "You like Y/n, just admit it." This would only force Sirius to roll his eyes at his little brother before walking off, refusing to give an answer, only to have James say something similar the moment he got back to Gryffindor tower. It annoyed Sirius to no end with Regulus and James constantly pointing out his jealously and love for you. But soon enough he began to realise the feelings he so strongly held and quickly came to terms with them. But what could he do? He pushed you away weeks ago and now you've moved on... at least that's what he thought.


You were sat in the hall at your table, Regulus and Severus sat opposite, when Sirius first approached you. You noticed him first which prompted you to become distracted. The boys stopping mid-sentence and looking to you in confusion only for you to nod your head in Sirius' direction. Regulus half heartedly smiled at his brother whereas Severus glared. Sirius gulped.

"What do you want Black?" Sev snapped on your behalf when Sirius came to a stop in front of you three. You could tell he wanted to say something snarky back to Severus but didn't because you were there.

"I'm here for Y/n actually." Sirius retorted, toning down what he really wanted to say while looking him up and down. That was the thing with your friends- more so Regulus and Severus then the Marauders- was their protectiveness over you. Even after the effects of Sirius' constant rejections had on you.

Regulus looked to you as Severus was quick to stand up. "Too bad she doesn't want to talk to you." The Slytherin commented bitterly.

Sirius narrowed his eyes. "Oh I didn't realise you spoke for her Snivellus." He spat, their rivalry now taking over. Now it was Regulus' turn to stand up as he subtly pushed the pair away from each other but before he could speak you did.

"He doesn't, I speak for myself thank you very much. Now what you want Sirius?" You snapped now becoming irritated by their bickering. Severus instantly lowered his head mouthing you a sorry as both him and Regulus sat back down. Leaving Sirius to stand there in shock of your cold words.

"I just came to say sorry and that I really would like to go out with you." He said in a much calmer tone. Severus snorted but was quickly silenced by Regulus elbowing him. You glanced to your friends before looking back to Sirius, unsure of his words.

You didn't answer. You didn't know what to answer for that matter so in responce you found yourself staring silently at him. He's rejected you so many times before and now he suddenly has a change of heart?

You loved him yes, and part of you wanted to jump at his words and agree but what if this was just one of his pranks? You loved him but you knew your self worth and weren't that desperate. Taking a deep breath you shook your head. "I'm sorry Sirius." It killed you to reject him like that, knowing all too well how rejection feels, but you couldn't just jump at his words purely because he's said something you've wanted him to say for a long time. Regulus and Severus smiled proudly at you.

"Oh okay." Sirius nodded. Without another word the Gryffindor awkwardly turned around and left the hall.

You thought that was going to be the end of it but to your surprise it wasn't. Over the next week, Sirius would repeat his question which was followed by extravagant gestures, each being bigger then the last. It got to the point where you genuinely didn't know what to expect.

But in the end Sirius found himself stopping with the extravagant gestures because it wasn't going anywhere. Now he knew how you felt. Despite the set back he refused to give up completely, the other Marauders picking up on his efforts. So whenever they ran into you they'd take it upon themselves to slip it into the conversation. For Remus it was in the library when you went to return a book, Peter in the kitchen when you missed dinner one day because of homework and for James it was out on the Quidditch pitch when he brought you along to watch him practice.

Much like with Sirius, you doubted your friends' words but as the days past you began to see Sirius' efforts for yourself. Especially when he turned to more simple heartfelt gestures. A particular favourite being the time he took to not only find but to annotate a copy of your favourite book. Y/f/b. How he found that information out you have no clue although you suspect it was either Regulus or Remus who told him. He'd conveniently brought the book out when you were partnered up with him for Muggle Studies.

Slowly but surely you began to spend a little more time with him, Sirius being thrilled when you did this. It was only then that you picked up on how vulnerable he was when he was around you compared to how he is with the Marauders. You thought it was sweet. You also began to notice the sincerity he protraited with everything he did around you as well. It was genuine and you could see that. You could feel yourself opening your heart back up to him.

In the following weeks and with a little more time spent with him, you both admitted your true feelings to each other and made it official. Although the feelings where known for a while, especially to your friends' who had begun a bet to see if you both would actually end up together and how much time it would take. Much to the group's dismay Peter was the one who won the bet.

"I can't believe Peter won." Remus sighed with a shake of his head. Everyone agreed.

"How much do we owe him?" Severus muttered as he shoved his hand into his pocket to pull out his money.

"3 galleons each." James responded as everyone groaned.

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